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June Shines Brightest of them all. . .

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Creating Magic Journal 2015 – Volume 6 – June 2, 2015         Sign up for this journal here!
A Note From Daniella
Dearest ,

Kaboom, and welcome to June!

This is the month (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) that we are enjoying the longest daylight hours! That means in Amsterdam, at least, that we feel that we have long days to be outdoors picnic dinners, outdoor games, long bicycle rides to nearby villages (preferably when also dry).

And long spans of time to be creating art, sculptures, painting, collaborative projects! Yes these are the months to expand into my full self.

In continuing from the topic of last month about our superhero(ine) and crew members on board of our ship, what does the image above (big smiling sunshine for those who don’t see the image) do to you? It gives me a feeling of fulfilling, satisfaction, enjoying, not a care in the world. It also gives me a feeling of freshness, good energy bursting out. It motivates me, gives me the feeling that everything is possible!

What would it be like if you had this sun (personalise it) as a crew member of yours. Someone to always remind you of this place, this space, this viewpoint.

Mmmm, yes, ponder over that one for a while. . .

This month, this crew member will move me past any stuck beliefs, as I get my large scale art out there.

Check out the tip of the month below to see the start of these large scale pieces.

Now for a summary of what creative workshops and retreats. I have going on this month:

1) Painting Week Retreats– Next scheduled painting retreat 6-11th of July in Amsterdam​ Just about full. (Note: early bird rates honoured for past participants of 7 month program). (mail me). NEW: In May 2016 I will be offering a painting week retreat on the Island Lesvos in Greece, This will be a perfect setting on the beach for intuitive painting, and delicious greek food. Details coming, mail me to sign up and be the first to know.

2) Art Jam Intuitive Painting New Merge of Workshop- 16 June (Tuesday evening). 28 June (Sunday morning) More info here in English:  More info here in Dutch: Is like a slice of the past 7 month program.

3) Smart 1:1 Sessions- Where Art and Coaching meet. Available as single sessions & packages of 5 and 9. Both online and in person. Note: be prepared to transform your life!

with an outburst of light this June,
PS. What would be possible when the road forward is crystal clear?
PPS. I almost forgot to mention that I have painted the studio floor, all in the line of clarity and decluttering. . .a coat of fresh paint does wonders! Curious?
A Note From Daniella
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Tip of the Month
Just do it! Participate, follow your ‘wish I had the guts to do this’ visions. . .first. . . let go of those limiting beliefs and choose for abundance. Choose your steps one at a time, baby steps move forward!
I just got back from an event in Paris, where I exhibited my 3 x 3 meter painting Like a Fish Out of Water, at the event Burning Night 2015 at Le Machine Du Moulin Rouge. How did this come about, you may ask? This summer I have set out to participate my art in events. But how? Where? When? Easy. . .I simply applied. Yes, really so simple to find out that this was effortless to do. Isn’t this the same for most things? Just ask, just apply (on time). Ha, big insights for me. The rewards were inspirational, not only for myself, but to the participants.
What’s more on the same line. . .is that I used to create welded sculptures (seems like light years ago). Now that I have created space in my calendar for my art, I have picked up welding again. Such a fun feeling of excitement to be working with steel, really kinda addicting. At this point I have lots of little mock ups and big plans. . .big visions. So I look forward to making them actual size. Believe me, things get in the way. Things don’t all go right. Like the large wooden installation that I built, before this painting, that simply didn’t stand up. . .have to put that one still on the drawing board. . .However, because I am all signed up with coaching partners, I get assistance clearing this path, accountability, and cheering on.
Really, It’s not easy working as a solo-entrepreneur. Lots of distractions, cold callings, follow ups that need to be done. And then poof, breakthroughs are achieved! So I am looking forward to this transformation in my art, and will keep you up to speed on the happenings here.
What about any stuck dreams that you may have? Really, contact me and let’s make some transformations for you.Read on about these Smart Sessions.
Daniella Recommends

Smart 1:1 Sessions @ Unleashavision:

Unleashavision offers Team Events (anywhere in the world), 1:1 Individual Sessions and an Online program.

1:1 Individual Sessions are the perfect combination between art and coaching. This is for individuals. We use art to release images from our subconscious. We use an inspirational coaching process to move from the place that we are right now to where we want to go. On this path we often find obstacles in the way. We gently let go of these feelings of stuck-ness so that we can proceed forward. This creates space for us, so that we can add what it is that we do want most.

This is a lasting way to connect with ourselves and move forward to transformations. Note: Only suitable for people who are serious about moving forward. Available as a single session & packages of 5 and 9 sessions. Both online and in Person. Note: 

Be prepared to transform your life! More info is here:​

———-          ———-             ———-          ———-          ————

Week Painting Retreats @ Atelier Molenpad:

Weeks retreats . . .there is plenty of time to use the studio in the afternoons to continue to create on your own! What would it look like to take time for your personal expression?

Intuitive Painting: Dare to let go, explore new techniques, paint like no one is watching!

The retreats at Atelier Molenpad’s are a fun way to access your creativity by thinking out of the box. Increase your self-confidence and infuse your personal and professional life with inspiration. You have a creative force inside of you, ready to enrich your life as soon as you give her permission to emerge! The intuitive art course will help you gain confidence to pick up paints and visually express on any scale. You will discover how your colors easily lead you.
You will also explore how our own body movement can lead us into creating our unique forms. This process allows your own body movement to dictate what your hands want to express. You will learn how to create both figurative and abstract images this way. Through the usage of layers, your painting evolves to a place that only your creative genius could imagine. During this process, you will get a renewed understanding of your personal style, colors and shapes. This we continue to explore and define throughout the course.

At the studio we work with a broad range of art materials, including charcoal, acrylic paint and clay and also natural materials such as egg yolk and natural pigments. More details and registration info can be found at:

PS. Make someone’s day by forwarding this info to them today! Really, I get people contact me all the time that they have been searching and searching for just this!

PPS. NEW: In May 2016 I will be offering a painting week retreat on the Island Lesvos in Greece, This will be a perfect setting on the beach for intuitive painting, and delicious greek food. Details coming, mail me to sign up and be the first to know.

About Daniella

Daniella Rubinovitz is an artist. She is known as the Smart Session Founder. She is passionate about enabling individuals and businesses to visually express, read the images to uncover insight in order to move forward gracefully. Daniella is author of Smart: How Art Inspires Action in Business. Search for it in your local Amazon site, ISBN: 978-9082184617 ,   Amazon US direct Link   |  Amazon UK direct Link

At Atelier Molenpad, Daniella offers intuitive painting workshops and week retreats in Amsterdam. This is also her private studio space where she paints and creates public artwork.

At UnleashAVision, Daniella offers Smart Sessions for: Team Events, 1:1 private individuals and an online group program.

She has had several lives; she worked 10 years in the corporate world- as an industrial designer at Lucent Technologies. At Lucent she worked among others with rocket scientists to develop forward thinking technologies. Later she worked with the process of art for personal development in entrepreneur organizations and MBA programs. Daniella knows the corporate and art worlds, which makes her the perfect spokesperson to fuse art therapy and business together.​

Academically, Daniella has a collection of university degrees; BFA from Tufts University in affiliation with The School of Museum of Fine Arts, a MID from Pratt Institute, to fulfil her Industrial Design desire to experience the world of mass production and construction. An MBA for engineers from Stevens Institute of Technology, a BAT as an Arts Therapist from The College of Leiden, due to her obsession to master how color, line and form are linked within our subconscious. She is a licensed art therapist and holds three United States patents. She got her coaching degree from the Coaches Training Institute, which ties her back full circle into the corporate world. Contact Daniella at to obtain her speaker sheet.

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