I thrive on CREATING physical experiences that shift perspectives, touch emotions and encourage participation.


Most of my creations are born in my studio, the historical Arc of Atelier Molenpad, Amsterdam. I utilise the techniques of Intuitive Painting to sketch concepts for art installations, guiding corporate team off-sites, workshops and retreats for personal development. Over the years, I created a process called SMART. Here Intuitive painting is fused with personal development in order to change perspectives. My book SMART was published as a tool to guide in this process. I love to create for public art production on large scale and put my industrial design skills of good use!



My background is diverse and feels like several lucky lives; I worked 10 years in the corporate world- as an Industrial Designer at Lucent Technologies. At Lucent I was fortunate to work with rocket scientists to develop forward thinking technologies. Later I worked with the process of art for personal development in entrepreneur organizations and MBA programs. I continue to be a registered art therapist focused on personal development topics.



Clients describe me as energetic, inspirational and exuding a contagiously positive mindset. I see the glass full. I know the corporate and art worlds, which makes me a confident spokesperson to bring art and business together.


Academically, I have a collection of university degrees; BFA from Tufts University in affiliation with The School of Museum of Fine Arts, a MID from Pratt Institute, to fulfil my Industrial Design desire to experience the world of mass production and construction. An MBA for engineers from Stevens Institute of Technology. A BAT as an Arts Therapist from The College of Leiden, due to my obsession to master how color, line and form are linked within our subconscious. I’m a licensed art therapist and certified coach through CTI and ICF. I am proud to hold two United States patents.


I look forward to presenting at your next conference, seminar, and event, both in person or simulcast!

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