Burning Man Dutch Mill


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TITLE: Burning Man Dutch Mill

PROJECT TYPE: Temporary Art Installation, Black Rock City, Nevada 2013

MATERIALS: Wood, Canvas, Paint.

SCALE: 7 x 3 meters



The Dutch Mill was an interactive art piece that represented the people, culture and art of the Netherlands at Burning Man. It was part of the Circle of Regional Effigies, CORE: 24 officially selected art pieces made by Burn communities from the entire world, which burned simultaneously. The project to created one of the most familiar symbols of the Netherlands by erecting a large Windmill on the Playa. We feel proud to have been accepted as a CORE project by the Black Rock Arts Foundation and given the grant to get started.


This kinetic sculpture was collaboration between the Dutch Mill team and other US burning man regional participants. The Dutch Mill was covered in brilliant murals entitled: “Wind & Sea” which were designed and painted by artist Daniella Rubinovitz. The concept here was about the space between the wind and the sea. The wind carries with it the spirits of the birds, our conscious thoughts so to say. The Sea carries with it the underwater creatures and represents our subconscious feelings. At the playa we play in the middle level between these two extremes. Sometimes taking a dip into the ocean and other times flying with the wind. The Mill spins in the wind and is set firmly on the ground and reminds us of both elements. Vibrant lights illuminated the mill at night. The Dutch Mill was burned at Black Rock city on August 29, 2013. The panels to the mill were brought back to the Netherlands.