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As I welcome the forces to be, colors, lines and forms interact with each other in such a way that they create a definition of space and time. (please allow time for the images to load)


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Daniella Rubinovitz was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Currently, Daniella maintains her private studio at the historical Arc at Atelier Molenpad, in the heart of Amsterdam, which was established as the center for expressive painting in 1970. Here she produces figurative and abstract expressionist paintings. She prefers to create her own paint through the use of high-quality pigments with acrylic and gum arabic binders, charcoal on raw linen and fragile thin paper.


Daniella is an artist with a vision that the world is alive through art. She believes in challenging materials and technique. She believes that inspiration come from raw beauty. She believes that being human is a journey to express and experience, and she believes in combining reality with the element of magic. She translates this in her work as combining the arts as a medium for expression. She exposes raw material in completed projects. She creates timeless pieces that connect to our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Her work primarily uplifts, inspires and gives a playful twist of pleasure.


Daniella graduated from Tufts University in affiliation with the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA in 1990. Afterwards she graduated from Pratt institute as an industrial designer in 1992 to fulfill her desire to experience the world of mass production and construction. In 2006 she graduated as a spiritual art therapist from Leiden, which she pursued after her obsession to master how color line and form are linked within our subconscious. Here she specialized in expressive techniques. Afterwards in 2009 Daniella dedicated her learning to intuitive and expressive painting.


Throughout Daniela’s extensive travels from the rich soils of India to the steel construction of Beijing, Daniella has transformed her work and peeled away layers through hands-on discovery. Through this transition Daniella has played extensively with bronze, porcelain and glass prior to discovering the medium of painting as her beloved technique to combine all the elements together into her unique style of combining light into varying degrees of color line and form. During this time of discovery, her art pieces has since been installed in public and private collections in Amsterdam, Denmark, Italy, NYC, and Seattle.


Daniella plays on the stage between expressionism with elements of reality. It is this play that give such pleasure to Daniella as she creates new landscapes of being. The images carry a feeling of monumental landscape that could easily fit within an apple core, or take up the space of the XL billboards at times square. Daniella has been interviewed on Radio in US, Dubai, London and Germany and published in local magazines, including Time Out Amsterdam.

My commissioned works are to fit your unique location in mind. To get started on a commissioned piece, send me an e-mail and tell me what you have in mind. Please mention the final placement of the piece, scale and timing. It is helpful to also send an image of your location. I will give you a price based on the complexity, materials and size of the piece. We always have several dialogues when we are working together, however to start, this is the information that I require. Together we can create just the right piece.

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