TITLE: Frames

PROJECT TYPE: Outdoor Art Concept

MATERIAL OPTIONS: Painted Aluminum / Perforated Steel / Wood

SCALE: Approximately 5 x 2 meters



The concept is a tribute to perspectives. Our experience shifts when we look out through frames, just as looking though rose-colored glasses gives a unique outlook.


Three eyeglass frames are presented in this installation. What is it like looking out at the world through the frames? What is it like looking in at the person behind the frames? As we frame our thoughts, our point of view shifts.


My inspiration for the eyeglass metaphor stems from creating boundaries to focus and admire what lies beyond. A frame allows us to inspect the world that is being presented. As the functional aspect of eyeglasses is one of focus, things outside the frame’s vision get blurred. The invitation in this installation is to witness these perspectives and feel its effect on our psyche.


“Style is only the frame to hold your thoughts. It is like the sash of a window; if heavy, it will obscure the light.” Ralph Waldo Emerson