TITLE: Mermaid

PROJECT TYPE: Outdoor Art Concept

MATERIALS: Recycled materials, mostly bottles

SCALE: 8 meters



The concept is about clean water and recycling. We are reminded about the consumption of bottles. These bottles are quite structural on their own; hence we can build sculptures with them. The plastics in these bottles are equally tough to break down. The mermaid is a creature that is half human, half fish. The topic of recycling is of importance to both, and to the cycle in general. In this sculpture, the mermaid stretches back to connect to the tail. We affect each other in this cyclical nature.


The sculpture is made completely out of recycled artifacts, mostly bottles. It floats on the water through a raft-like base. In this sense the bottles have transformed to carrying air, rather than fluid. Through the use of some fluid paints in the bottle ends, create a mosaic brilliance of colors. The entire sculpture glows when lit at night.