PROJECT TYPE: Outdoor Art Concept

MATERIALS: Fiberglass

SCALE: 8 x 4 meters



The concept is about sensitivity, protection, exposure, enclosure. We are reminded of ripened eggs, cracked open, ready to interact with the world. The feeling is of a vulnerable hatchling, not quite able to walk out on its own, yet going out to the world. These shells provide the feeling of a safe nest. After some good nest nurturing, like the hatchling, we are fresh and ready to leave the nest once again.


Eggshells are strong, yet crack. We handle them with care, and respect their fragility. We can walk, and rest together or alone on these eggshells. They create a womb-like, feeling, protected from the elements. As the eggs are clustered together we are reminded that we are not alone. We are here as brothers and sisters. The scale of these x-large sized eggs; let us feel humble, looking out at the large world. It also reminds us that we can transform and become all that we want to.