August: Disconnect to Reconnect . . .

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August can be the perfect time to disconnect to reconnect, especially when you are living in the northern hemisphere and enjoying the core of summertime! 

I mostly go to Greece during this time of the year, and with off the chart temperatures, we run for the waters! So what a better opportunity to emerge myself into this element. I personally love the feeling of floating and experiencing the feeling of weightlessness. This refreshing feeling is one of boundary-less freedom and play. Experiencing continuous flow and transformative qualities at my fingertips exudes the feeling of possibilities. In the water, I feel little resistance and my body can move in every which direction that it chooses. Forget about boundaries when working with this element of water.

This sense of disconnection of structure, without boundaries, creates a feeling of freedom. It allows us to let go. It allows us to explore unrestricted movement and inner feelings. Afterwards, we get to reconnect to that relaxed inner us. This is exactly why I use the wet on wet technique in the studio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this technique: It’s about totally immersing the paper before painting on it with a wet medium.  Most paints and mediums can be used on this wet paper. I like to use water color, tempera, ink or acrylic paint. Just as with swimming, this same feeling of non-resist, of freedom, of non-judgemental, of feelings from deep within can be easily released. Our inner world is there to explore.

See the fun tip below. Add an extra bucket of water to your creation and see what happens. Just explore. . . water is that refreshing element that knows no boundaries.

Enjoy this month!


Please give the tip of this month a go and do contact me when you are ready for guidance exploring your next chapter regardless of location. With Skype, Whattsap Video and Factime at our fingertips locations know no boundaries as well!



My tip this month is to play with water in your drawing and painting.

  1. Grab your sketchbook, or sheet of paper. The thicker the paper the more that the water will absorb in it, though this works fine with 80 gram. The paper just becomes a bit more delicate. Remember when you let it dry at end, the paper becomes firm once again.
  2. After you have immersed your paper in water, you can play with dropping, spraying and drawing with paint on it. . .ink is also fun it is so diluted that it streams with the water on the paper, often creating nerve like lines. See how the paint becomes boundary-less as it meanders along. 
  3. Follow what happens. See how the colors start to blend. See how they flow over each-other. Discover how the paint finds its own patterns! Fun huh!
  4. Now that you have read through this. . .just do it. . .set aside at least 30 min of non-interrupted play time.

1) Paleis Soestdijk Art Installation: Come to Paleis Soestdijk until December 20th. Don’t forget to #daniellarubinovitz & #lavieenrose your social media shots so I can see you in action. They have movie night going on next week! So much fun! More info and pictures at:  . . .and of course check out the party going on on my instagram page: #daniellarubinovitz.

2) SMART Intuitive 7 Month Painting Club: We will resume on the 23rd of January, 2018 with mostly monthly in-person meetups at the studio.  This journey starts  6:30pm- 9:30pm Amsterdam time. We meet in person, on a Tuesday evening. Sign up now! Newcomers to the studio may be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop (as long as space permits).

3) SMART week retreats in Amsterdam and Greece:  For those that like to plan in advance: In 2018 I have added a new retreat in Greece. It will take place on the island of Lesvos. This is where my family is from and I have gotten to know the gorgeous spots over the years. Date: 20-26 May, 2018 (please inquire). Info is being updated on site.

The week retreat in Amsterdam will be on 9-13 July 2018.

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