As the author of the book SMART, it has been a pleasure to share my discoveries in using art as a practical tool in uncovering solutions.

Writing has been my creative tool for personal reflection, digging in, research and in sharing all of this with others. As my high pile of sketchbooks show, the written word and visual expression have created a poetic match for me. It is unclear whether the word starts my visual quest or the opposite, where I start to layer colors, movements and shapes that results in a stream of words. As it is with drawings that can transform into words and become words and then transform back into drawings, ideas and concepts. I love to over use the age old quote, “a picture says more than a thousand words. “ Yet the words make me curious to dive in deeper and discover what is there.


I love automatic writing; it parallels the creativity process for me. I get to play and sculpt the letters together to create words, ideas, paragraphs and postings that allow you, as the reader to reflect just how things are for you.


If I were to make a biographical map of my writing, I can say that it varies from an artistic play of concepts with deep psychological, esoteric thoughts about relations to colors, lines and forms, corporate design research and proposals and and academic research oriented applications. Yes, that is how diverse my career is and needless to say, writing is that faithful pet that follows me everywhere. Guiding me on all sorts of adventures.


Since I just mentioned it, academically you probably know that I have a collection of University degrees. During my Bachelor of Fine Arts, I was commenting about art, motivation and inspiration sparks combined with philosophical thoughts. During my Masters of Industrial Design I compiled research for compelling presentations and thesis. During my MBA for engineers, I investigated numerous case studies, compiled lots of data and funneled the essence down to another thesis. During my Art Therapy studies, the written word was primarily used for self reflection and digging into the effect of colors, lines and forms on our psyche. I wrote my papers in Dutch, and discovered how each language is embedded with its own written culture.


It is therefore no surprise that In 2015 I published SMART: How Art Inspires Action in Business. In this book I guide the reader on a journey how to use art as a tool for brainstorming and inspire action in all parts of your life. Private and Business. As I have worked in the corporate world for ten years, as well as in the worlds of fine art, art therapy, and professional coaching, I discovered the dynamic workings of art.


In SMART, you will learn how to translate the nonverbal nature of art and apply it to verbal, day-to-day topics. In this book I unveil my practical, hands-on formula, which include: intuitive painting, analysis of these paintings, and commitment. As a result you will, gain new perspectives, get your team to play bigger, discover what your customer really wants, and know what to say about your product that hasn’t already been said.


Learn how to use art as a fun doorway into your intuitive genius. The process of reading Smart is a fun interactive one since Smart is also a coloring book. Yes, you get to personalize it! Color in the illustrations that I created to guide you with images and allow yourself to color in way outside of the lines!



ISBN: 978-9082184617

 — Femke Wijdekop, Lawyer

“Since the Daniella worked in the corporate world for 10 years before she became an art therapist and coach, she knows both worlds from the inside out, which makes her the perfect spokesperson in Smart to bring art and business together.”


 — Andrea J. Lee, CEO wealthy thought leader

“If u need an out of the box, experiential, professional, special addition to business and/or your corporate culture, read and implement Smart now.” 


 — Stephanie Malecotte, Philips Consumer Lifestyle

“SMART is an innovative and fun alternative to traditional team building. It is a great tool to boost creativity and collaboration within a team, by producing powerful and out of the box ideas through art. SMART has been an amazing experience that really inspired us.”

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