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08:08 18 May in On-Line Journal

BLUE. . . clear up in the sky, and deep in the ocean.

We have landed on the exploration of the color BLUE this month!

This spring, we can especially enjoy the serenity of clear blue skies and blue waters! I get such a feeling of happiness and optimism looking up at these blue skies, no weather complaints here!

Lets not forget blue combined with yellow, creates our lush lush green, creating such a lovely vegetative foreground to the blue background.

I welcome you to celebrate this sincere color where we can feel peace with ourselves and communicate clearly to the world around us.

It’s interesting to note that the name “Blue” has its origins from frankinsh origin: blao meaning “shining”.  Within the chakra system, Blue is associated with our fifth chakra, the throat chakra. This fifth chakra is our source for communicating truth, wisdom and responsibility. It governs self knowledge and has to do with how honest we are in expressing our self on every level. We are speaking here of a complete communication channel, where we not only express our voices, but also receive guidance. The three levels of communication are physical (verbal), psychic (clear hearing) and intuitive means.

Since colors are an expression of our emotion, specifically there is a whole range of blues that move us. Blue belongs to the cool spectrum color group. The light energy that emits from this color radiates the soothing and calming renewal. Have you ever noticed however that the color blue can evoke completely opposite emotions of each other: serenity vs. compulsive heaviness. How about wisdom vs. pessimism; confidence vs. indecision; patience vs. rigidness; social vs. withdrawn.  Depending on the saturation and the closer that the color is to the sun, it portrays varying psychological effects. So looking closer at a particular color from a healing aspect, it’s handy to group these qualities in three categories: I like to speak of a color having a free power, a stimulating strength, and a compulsive force. This is where we can sense positive and negatives impression of a hue.

This in particular is my absolute fascination of colors, and how to be purposely moved by them! In my programs, I use the emotional meaning of color as a compositional shift between light and darkness within an environment. In our physical world, we have color all around us, and the dynamics between the colors play relevant roles of color perception. Therefore when I diagnose an artwork, fashion, products and light it is both the individual color combined with the surrounding that gives us the complete impact.

Let’s look at the three categories of blue. A blue with inherent high intensity/ brilliance enhances respect. It gives us the feeling of spiritual purity, wisdom and understanding that “deeper” knowing. Here we get a deep sense serenity. This is a color that exudes inner wisdom without the need to convince others. This blue penetrates right to the spiritual level and can give us religions feelings of security. Having said that this color is able to do this because it is not attached to physical matters including our own impulse and personal desires. Furthermore it is a color that fosters compassion, charity and faithfulness to causes that an individual is connected to.

When we use a middle blue color, with a balanced brilliance, we are speaking of offering a sense of truth, confidence, sincerity and tolerance. This color gives us a boost of listening ability where we can be in a strongly empathic state. From this state we are able to absorb information without judgment. Rather just behind and taking in what there is. We can go into this color entirely without bumping into opposition or resistance.

This blue gives us a seemingly limitless tolerance, patience and soothing. It seems sometimes that its cooling nature can release sadness in such a way that our own vulnerability becomes visible. We also get a social feeling for community. Here it is the “we” element that is more important than the “I” element. A good example of this is in looking at “blue collar worker” uniforms. A Blue collar worker refers to a member of the working class who performs manual labor. Their jobs require them to be clear minded. When we look at these jobs, they tend to be socially oriented and are designed to serve the greater good of a community. You can think of the police in many countries, mechanics building and members of construction trades.

Blue is the color of peace and infinity. It is considered a cool color within the color spectrum and carries with it calming qualities. Blue light does us also much good when it is used specifically for healing! In color therapy, because of these qualities, it is used to release pain.  Infections in the body cause for higher body temperatures and the cooling effects of blue work wonders here. I have also learned that the relaxing and soothing properties of color are used to relieve headaches, migraines, stomach pain, cramps and certain heart diseases.So bring on this aura of peace, silence and discreetness.

When we use a low intensity/ brilliance: far from the sun, this color gives the feeling of sadness, indecision, depression, isolation and compulsion. We can feel a sense that we have become rigid and shut down within an immense sense of loneliness.  In this color we can feel totally pessimistic and feeling that we have to carry the world on our shoulders. This creates certain heaviness where we can automatically sink away into a melancholic state. It is as if we have created a rigid external shell of which we are without any structure within. This is a sad, withdrawn state with aversion to the earthly life. With this shade of blue life’s resistances are not met, rather there is just a longing for the next life. Well clearly this is truly a different aspect to blue, that we may choose to move out of.

We have most probably heard of the expression, “feeling blue.” This expression originated due to the overly unpleasant blue effect of rain and stormy weather. I also found it interesting to discover the old custom, that when a sailing ship lost any officers during its voyage, the boat would have a blue band painted along the entire perimeter of the ship on the voyage back to the home port.

While we are still on the topic blue, most of us are all too familiar in seeing baby boys being stereotypically dressed in blue and girls in pink. Did you know that this was not always the case? Yes, in the early 1900’s blue was the color of choice for girls because of religious connotations of the Virgin Mary. Pink as you may guess was then the colors for boys, as it is in the red color family: which is considered a masculine color. I just love sharing these type of facts with you in this journal. Today in general blue is a color that is the least gender specific. Men and women both have an appeal to this color. Having said that, we generally refer to blue, as the free and balanced blue.







Blue is a color that is typically less prevalent in nature. Besides blue algae, we can note that because of camouflage, the animals that are blue are strongly associated with either the sky or water. Think of birds, fish and reptiles. Many other animals are called blue because it has a shade of grey with a slightly bluish tint. Just like our Russian blues, King and Queen at home! These royalties truly have have BLUE blood!

On the nationalistic side, we see blue used often by countries surrounded by water! Blue with some white can be seen in the flags of: Scotland, Argentina, el Salvador, Finland, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Micronesia, Nicaragua, Somalia and also of the united nations (most probably using the blue to symbolize peace.)

So when I think of the color blue, I like to take the positive aspects and see how I can enhance my personal and business life. Please use the following as a take away to apply right now:

  • As a color of logic, blue activates the mind, wear it for presentations when you want to communicate something important with clarity.
  • Wear blue to create the mindset of calm authority, exuding trust, peace and order.
  • Choose other colors over blue when you are feeling lonely, depressed or find yourself judgmental of yourself or others.
  • Blue is associated with our fifth chakra, all about the expression of truth, wisdom and responsibility.
  • Go ahead and get inspired by listening to some music celebrating blue. Listening to the words will give even more insight into this color: Blue Velvet, (Bobby Vinton), Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley), Song Sung Blue (Neil Diamond),  Midnight Blue (Lou Gramm), Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gayle).

Go ahead and create with the range of blue pigments: Azurite, Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue or a dab of Prussian Blue! Know your blues and where they lead you!


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