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Crisp December Dreams

08 December in Uncategorized

Aah we have arrived to December! I personally give a warm crisp welcome out for this month! For me this is a time for clarity! I do enjoy making time to reflect and bathe in all that has been this year, appreciate all the aspects that I am proud of. This certainly includes dear friends and family that I am blessed to have in all areas of my life! Wow, how we are all growing, learning and making huge shifts moving forward! I have experienced 2013 as moving FAST. What about you? How have you experienced 2013? Just as I sit down to write this, I am reflecting on events this year! Such an honor to be with all participants at Atelier Molenpad; It is a magical journey to witness the continual descovery process with yearly renewals and it is equally fun welcoming new creative exprorers into the discovery of intuitive art expression. This...

SPRING updates @Atelier Molenpad

12 April in Uncategorized

This SPRING issue is short and all about sharing exciting things happening @ Atelier Molenpad. Lots of spring cleaning, and shaping up the programs. . .schedule and all. Below you will find 3 sections. In the last section, NEW SEASON 2013-2014, I am looking for your scheduling feedback. . .YES some scheduling updates in the air, and more fun activities to be announced in next issue of this newsletter! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATELIER MOLENPAD GROUP SHOW: SAVE THE DATE, 25 April 6-9:00pm! We are having a show of participating students @ Atelier Molenpad, Intuitive Painting Center. This group show is called: 'Our. . .' It's a collaboration of works exploring. . .OURselves, OUR movements & OUR inspriations. Participating Artists are: Victoria Schuller (Also created OUR flyer, below) / Aartienne Kleyer / Watse Hamstra Rieneke de Ruiter / Ans de Kruif / Tatiana Terekhova/ Erik Pels / Helma Knijn / Anke Kroon / Julika Marijn Facebook page for this event -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMER WEEK...

Spring in the air indeed

04 March in Uncategorized

Feeling the Spring in the air indeed! Feels like I gave birth with receiving the first proof copy of my book SMART: How creativity empowers you business. If you want to reflect and gain insight into any business topic, start with art. I had the pleasure of presenting my book during two workshops on friday at a symposium that took place at Avans Entrepreneurial Center in Breda. The topic of the symposium was New Leadership. In the workshop, we did two mini-hands on painting exercises. After we translated this information into commitments and action items! We had lots of business topic breakthroughs in the room. I received follow up mails from participants which gives me such a smile on my face! Launch party details TBD. . .For pre-orders details simply reply to this mail. . .In the meantime, painting courses are in their final 2 months before summer break. Summer week retreats are...

Start the year as a rainbow

01 January in Uncategorized

Here's a rainbow in your honor. . . Lot's of love for this 2014! This rainbow is such an insiration to me. It reminds me of gratitude. Especially for the small stuff. Had I not looked up, I might have missed it, I might have not believe it was there. Just taking a moment out of the day to smell the roses, admire the sky, count my blessings etc. . .I think you get it, I know you do this. . . Lovely to have an image to show for it! We have had mild weather here in Amsterdam, as I sit to write this note, I am enjoying the sun beaming in! I have of course been watching the news at the record breaking temperatures in other parts of the world. . .hope you are all staying warm this season! We have lots of inspiring things happening at the studio this year. From...

Rituals & Ceremonies

02 February in Uncategorized

CEREMONIES AND RITUALS SPARK CREATIVITY ! Now that we are off to a great zooming start in the year, I have been thinking about cycles, patterns, rituals, ceremonies and traditions. Have you ever stopped to think about the value of ceremonies both in your personal life, and at work? Ceremonies allow us to celebrate milestones, keep stories alive from generation to generation and create a legacy for our hearts and souls. Hereby we can stand still to special moments in time that we cherish and share with loved ones. Sometimes they help us cope beter with circumstances by giving it a place in our hearts. They also help us create a unique sense of purpose that is attatched to time. While nature's laws have changing seasons, I, am so grateful for rituals that each season brings. Now in winter I have been able to receive beautiful gifts of white snow sprinkles throughout the...

Open Ateliers Jordaan 2010

22 May in Uncategorized

My studio will be OPEN! Come and Join! Opening studios On Friday, May 22, Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24, 2010, designers, photographers and artists collectives their studio doors. The workshops are free and open during the three days from 12:00 to 18:00 hours. In 2010, one can admire a wide variety of works of art, the artists in conversation and buy a piece of art. Other activities are in preparation....

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