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Create Outdoors

18:34 18 February in On-Line Journal

create outdoors! I personally find it amazing to be out in nature with my paints to visually create!

This can be done anywhere! And transported by any means to your destination. . .plane, train and automobile, bring your art supplies with you. . .and create in the outdoors!

I always leave the scale that I end up working with when you arrive to the location. I brought large sheets of paper with me, 100cm x 70cm in an expandable tube. I was able to roll it up and fit it in my suitcase. On location this time, I was inspired to work small scale. So I folded and reduced the paper down to a smaller scale. I was in the mood for little painted sketches!

I found trays that I could use for support in Greece. Turned out that a serving tray and a casserol dish did the trick! Play the video above! I loved creating this way. These dishes served so well in extending my water usage. Especially handy in such a dry climate as Greece. It’s so much fun to bring materials and then improvise with the rest!

I also brought, pastels, paint tubes, dry watercolor blocks and charcoal. Of course there were lots of natural resources around as well, like clay and bugs! And oh yeah, with dry medium like pastel crayons, you can always purchase hairspray to use as a fixative. . .

I ended up choosing to work small this time, to my surprise. This is a huge contrast to my other work this summer. I have been creating 3-4 meter works of art in the studio in Amsterdam. After a super creative day outside, I hung some of my little colorful sketches out to dry!

I hope that this jumpstarts your visual creativity and brings your outdoor, even if its just to the park right around the corner!


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Article reproduced with permission of Daniella Rubinovitz, Unleashing your heart, Daniella offers individuals to visually SEE messages from your SOUL, both through teleseminars and live courses.


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