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SMART Intuitive Painting Monthly 6:30-9:30pm

16:40 12 April in

Event Details

This event is running from 23 January 2018 until 12 June 2018. It is next occurring on March 20, 2018 6:30 pm

  • Venue: Atelier Molenpad
  • Upcoming Dates:

Perfect for beginner and advanced.  Sessions are given by Daniella Rubinovitz, when not listed otherwise.

Intuitive Painting PLUS Club: Once a Month

Workshop: As an introduction to the club, you may be welcome to join in a one time workshop, as long as space permits, please contact Daniella directly.

Club: When rational and emotional ideas merge, there is room for inspiration. Each month, we will explore relevant themes through intuitive painting. We use the SMART’s in art for deeper insight, for creating and tuning in. Sessions are guided, no experience is necessary. Intuitive painting techniques are taught for beginners and advanced.

Get inspired and tune in. Forget about aesthetics, and the looking good. Dare to embrace your inner wisdom. This is your time after all. Live it, express it, and embody it. There is no have to, just a curiosity in letting lines and colors dynamically connect to that meaningful place. Explore possibilities, have fun, make mistakes, be bold, fearless, paint awkwardly, do something out of the comfort zone. Allow your curiosity and an open mind take you to places that you have only dreamed of. Tap into your subconscious with art to uncover your true feelings.

Just like a fortune cookie, monthly themes will offer the perfect topics to explore and solve. Painting, drawing and writing exercises will inspire steps moving forward.

This program is different. Intuitive painting is combined with a topic in order to access a different side to solve problems, make decisions and implement . If you are looking for a practical way to move forward in your life and/or business, please take our invitation to this program.

Where: Sessions will be broadcast live from Atelier Molenpad (Historical intuitive painting center for over 38 years). When you are in Amsterdam, you are welcome to join us in person. Through our live portal, you can now participate virtually. All you need is an internet device with a camera: Think computer, tablet, or smart phone. All sessions will be recorded so that you never have to miss out! In addition, through the private, online platform, sharing insights with fellow participants fosters continual communication. (This is where the mastermind aspect of the group is most powerful. Together our different perspectives will illuminate clues we may miss alone).

Note: The nature of intuitive painting, as is the nature of sharing deep insights, is one of discreetness as a safe environment to express. This sensitivity stays intact through our virtual portal.

Intuitive Painting Club Details: 

We meet 7 times, on a Tuesday evening: 6:30-9:30pm Amsterdam time. Dates are: (2018) Jan 23, Feb 20, March 20, April 10 & 24, May 15, June 12.

Participation is for members, as is the private online group.

Full participation is for members, including the private online group. Newcomers to the studio, may be able to attend once as a taster workshop for €60.- (includes basic materials, as long as space permits).

This complete 7 month program starts in January and ends in June. This program is one package and includes an online private group with recorded sessions so that you can make it up any time. Should you start after January, you can make up missed sessions. The program content has a progressive flow. Program fee €349.- includes 21% BTW. Bring your own paints. Bank transfer is preferred method of payment. (NL36INGB0006283226 ING Bank, attention Atelier Molenpad. Please write your name on transfer).

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