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GREEN Supports Life

08:08 01 April in On-Line Journal
Let’s celebrate the restorative aspect of nature!
Green supports life from the inside out!

We have landed on the exploration of the secondary color GREEN this month! Can we get any closer to SPRING than green!? Thanks to the collaborative effort of Yellow (last issue) and Blue (next issue) Green shares common attributes with both! Green is a combination of cheerful warmth from the sun with calmness and serenity of the sky. I welcome you to celebrate this soothing and balanced color where we can feel grounded. It is after all the direct symbolic representation of nature!I personally find that this is the season to live into this compassionate color that brings with it juicy grass joy! Through all the sad heaviness destruction caused by nature, when the first sprout of hope blooms, we can experience deep gratitude for what we have. Having said, it is easy to understand why green is a color that is often used to feel the suffering of others. Within the chakra system, Green is associated with our fourth chakra, the heart chakra. This fourth chakra governs our intuition and love. Here we feel compassion on our love and relationships. This chakra is seen as the center of the human body. It acts as the melting pot of the higher chakras and the lower chakras! It is a healing energy. It is also the source of our inner most desires, our dreams! As many of you may have me say that our hands are an expression of our heart. This is because our hands are the physical organ of communication and touch is the sensory system for the heart chakra.I personally feel very connected to green! Its a color that feels soothing to wear from top to toe! My first business name was even called Green Eye Studio, after an old nick name of mine. Yes, they are hazel green.It’s interesting to note that the name “Green” has its origins from and old English verb “Growan,” which -as it sounds, means to grow. The growth, regenerative and generally healthy aspects of green, represents the fertileness of nature. It has been a color that has led it to be a symbol of fertility. Wedding dresses used to even be green when we were closer to nature! I personally see a trend for green wedding dresses to come back! Speaking of which, word has it that green is about to be the new black!Since colors are an expression of our emotion, specifically there is a whole range of greens that move us. Green belongs to the soothing spectrum color group. The light energy that emits from this color radiates the soothing and calming renewal. Have you ever noticed however that the color green can evoke completely opposite emotions of each other: love vs. jealousy. How about renewal vs. envy; health vs. decay; environment vs. greed; hope vs the devil.  Depending on the saturation and the closer that the color is to the sun, it portrays varying psychological effects. So looking closer at a particular color from a healing aspect, it’s handy to group these qualities in three categories: I like to speak of a color having a free power, a stimulating strength, and a compulsive force. This is where we can sense positive and negatives impression of a hue.This in particular is my absolute fascination of colors, and how to be purposely moved by them! In my programs, I use the emotional meaning of color as a compositional shift between light and darkness within an environment. In our physical world, we have color all around us, and the dynamics between the colors play relevant roles of color perception. Therefore when I diagnose an artwork, fashion, products and light it is both the individual color combined with the surrounding that gives us the complete impact.Let’s look at the three categories of green. A green with inherent high intensity/ brilliance enhances growth. It gives us the feeling of enjoying the moment. Here we can sense a deep peace and tranquility. This is a color that exudes both regeneration and rejuvenation, giving us a sense of eternity. Here I am speaking of a healing color that has especially a direct influence on both our physical and ethereal levels as a human being. This color is both tactile and has a practical nature that helps us get things done.When we use a middle green color, with a balanced brilliance, we are speaking of offering a sense of security, care and protection. The feeling that exudes here is one of agreeability and stability. It exudes a feeling of tolerance. Other words that describe this color are: passive, satisfied, useful, original, lively and young. Most of us are familiar with the term green being associated with someone who is new to something, and still lacking experience. They are said as being green. Using these fresh greens carry nutritious and refreshing health aspects for us from the inside out. We can think about all the goodness that leafy greens bring us.It’s interesting to note that green is a color that likes to repeat itself and have a regular rhythm. Just look around in nature and notice how green grows. It is quite a nurturing color and plays behind the scenes as a nurturer. Look at how green grows in grass, leaves and stems. It acts as a life force which allows for growth, nurturing and regeneration. Characteristically it grows in numbers and of repeating patterns. It is inherently a social color and doesn’t naturally stand out, this is a color that blends among the rest of nature to form one totality. Not only is green the color of all life, but also of seasonal renewal. It therefore symbolizes hope and immortality. Green does us also much good when it is used specifically for healing! In color therapy, it supports almost all chronic ailments in our body, and especially in the treatment having to do with the circulatory system and lung problems.When we use a low intensity/ brilliance far from the sun, this color gives the feeling of a lazy force, here we have a boring and motionless quality. We can feel a sense that we may have landed in a muddy swamp. We can smell a molded bubbling toxicity. And we can hear toxicity releasing . . .you get the point. In this color we can feel totally self sufficient in a bubble and are therefore indifferent to the outside world. This disconnection from the sun leaves this quality deep in the shade. Generally, non positive qualities are often associated within this range when used on its own. A similar swampy color is used in the expression; Green with envy. This expression originally came about from “the green-eyed monster” originally quoted from Shakespeare. There are references here to the acidic, green bile used for digestion. Finally, when we think of military camouflage, we think of a much toned down range of this green. Of course it is designed to blend into nature.Having said that, we generally refer to green, as the free and balanced green. Because it is the most common color in nature, it has become quite a buzzword for environmental considerations. We are very familiar with the term “green” as a metaphor for recyclability and environmental concerns. This relation is so clear that unfortunately there are even businesses using green in PR and marketing material in order to promote misleading perceptions of the company’s environmental considerations. This is known as green washing! Can you believe there is even a name for this?So when I think of the color green, I like to take the positive aspects and see how I can enhance my personal and business life. Please use the following as a take away to apply right now:

  • Green is on the charts to hit real big, get ready for mixing tones of Green together!
  • Don’t forget to eat more of your greens! Spinach, broccoli, string beans, lettuce, and green peppers!
  • Green is associated with our fourth chakra, all about love, compassion and balance.
  • The calming effect of green is often used as a color to paint waiting rooms in. especially in situations where there can be high anxiety and stress. The term Green room for instance, was often used by actors for a means of relaxation prior to getting on stage.
  • Let’s not forget about the importance of green on St. Patricks Day in March, just last month!
  • Go ahead and get inspired by listening to some music celebrating green: It’s not easy being green (sung by Kermit on Sesame street-Love this one!), Green Tambourine (The lemon Pipers), Green-Eyed Lady (Sugarloaf), A Little Bit Of Green (Elvis Presley)

Go ahead and get your hands full of green paint, and discover this color for yourself!







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