May: Holiday Plans . . .

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Aaaah May! A fun time to plan the holidays!

It’s the time that I ask myself: What do I desire for my next holidays? Sketching, biking, painting, walking, hiking, swimming, sculpting, writing, dancing, singing, socialising, solitude, culture, health, education, adventure? 

As I live in the city, my choice is often has to do with nature. This year this choice applies once again. A place abundant with the elements of earth, water, warmth and air. I want to be outdoors and in contact with nature. I want to feel a gentle breeze on my cheeks. Hiking with my dearest ones. Sketching under the shade of a tree. Long distance swimming in the ocean. Drifting on floats. Lots of stracciatella ice-cream. Meaningful conversations. Pampering massages. Rest. Me time. Entertainment. Yoga. Pinacolada.

What would be your dreamtime spent this time round?


Please give the tip of this month a go and do contact me if you would like individual guidance into your next chapter of shifting perspectives! I believe in you!



My tip this month is to dream about your holiday!

  1. Grab your sketchbook and gather some art materials. . . and a tool to write with.
  2. Go ahead and paint with the colors that make you happy.
  3. Look at your initial sketch and start to write words that appear from the image.
  4. Where is this place that all your dreams would be possible. . .need any further tips in deciphering you image?. . .contact me!

1) Keukenhof Art Installation: Come to Keukenhof until May 21st. Pleeeeaaaaassse don’t forget to #daniellarubinovitz your social media shots so I can see you in action. More info and pictures at:  . . .and of course check out the party going on on my instagram page: #daniellarubinovitz . This installation has certainly hit a chord with visitors!

2) SMART Week retreat: Book one of the last spots now for the week retreat happening on: July 10-14th Note, perhaps this painting retreat in Amsterdam is just the destination for you this summer, should me time, creativity, self-expression, culture and adventure be on your list (ps yum stracciatella ice cream as well!). Details:

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