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08:08 01 February in On-Line Journal
Give your Valentine a juicy Orange !


Why? Because of its juicy, flamboyance, energetic qualities and vitamin C!

“O” ranges of oranges. Thanks to the collaborative effort of Red (last issue) and Yellow (next issue) Orange shares common attributes with both! Orange is a combination of intense energy and cheerful warmth from the sun. Juicy orange carries the element of water! It is often associated with the second chakra. It’s the color of flow, creativity, and youth! This Valentine’s day, I am going to give my valentine a juicy, expressive orange. (SSSssssssshhhhh!) The color orange just speak the word fun fun fun and the vitamin C boost a good healthy side kick! Yum!

Since colors are an expression of our emotion, there is a whole range of oranges that move us. Have you ever noticed that the color orange can evoke completely opposite emotions of each other. Think of spiritual orange (Buddhist monk robs) vs inauthentic (far from the sun) orange.  Sweet juiciness vs bland and consumed.  Creative vs disillusioned. Depending on the saturation and the closer that the color is to the sun, it portrays different psychological effects. So looking closer at a particular color from a healing aspect, it’s handy to group these qualities in three categories: I like to speak of a color having a free power, a stimulating strength, and a compulsive force. This is where we sense positive and negatives impression of a hue.

This in particular is my absolute fascination of colors, and how to be purposely moved by them! In my programs, I use the emotional meaning through color as a shift according to light, dark and composition within an environment. In our physical world, we have color all around us, and dynamics between the colors play relevant roles of color perception. Therefore when I diagnose an artwork, fashion, products and lights it is both the individual color combined with the surrounding that gives the complete impact.

Let’s look at the three categories of orange. An orange with inherent high intensity/ brilliance portrays a sense of enlightened spirituality where freedom is on the foreground. This orange speaks of a creative urge, full of inspiration and insight. Essentially with this orange we allow our self to be filled with the spirit. We are offered a view of salvation here. Religious belief can be seen in the Buddha culture with orange robs. We are speaking more of an ex-carnating quality in our body where we can feel free, rather than heavily chained to our body.

When we use middle orange, with a balanced brilliance, we are speaking of stimulating strength which brings out: stimulation, warmness, animation, aliveness, festivity, pleasure, attractive, dancing, sparkling, energizing, casual, sweet and juicy and abundance. Here we see many qualities of a good host(ess). Red would give too much action for sociability and yellow would offer too little concrete form. It gives a creative atmosphere were people feel comfortable.

When we use a low intensity/ brilliance orange, we get the feeling of a compulsive force, here we sense inauthentic, impurity, decisive, manipulating and compelling qualities. We can feel wound around someone’s finger so to say. Here we see addictive qualities of consumption. The same warm flame can completely consume is. Temptation in this case is for self interest. With this color you can be taken into a world of seeing charm and then wake up disillusioned. The disconnection for the sun leaves this quality deep in the shade. Generally, non positive qualities are often associated within this range when used on its own.

Having said that, we generally refer to the color orange, as the free and balanced orange. This is a warm color in the color spectrum, and acts as a stimulant for the emotions and appetite! As a matter of fact, in color therapy, orange is used in the treatment of mental illness, depression, anxiety and loss of appetite to name a few! Good to keep in mind! Orange is a citrus color, where vitamin C and general good health comes to mind. Another interesting thing to not about orange comes to mind when we think of the color in nature. We can think of pumpkins and foliage, both representing the changing of the season. This makes orange a color that lies on the border of seasonal change, between the heat of summer and the cool of winter. This makes orange then also a good color to use when you want to depict something symbolizing  a transitional element.

Here in Holland, orange has a whole new meaning as it is the color of the Dutch Royal Family. This dates back to William of Orange. Nowadays it symbolizes a national pride and can be seen during all sports competitions, and of course the biggest display of this national orange can be seen on Queens Day, on April 30. This is the birthday of the country’s former Queen.

So when we think of the color orange, I like to take the positive aspects and see how I can enhance my personal and business life. Please use the following as a take away to apply right now:

  • Give your Valentine a juicy burst of energy with a juicy orange wrapped in hot red!
  • Orange will personally give you the creativity and flow to action! It is also a color of practicality, independence and organization.
  • Remember this WATER ENERGY color can increase flow and creativity to create noticed, yet friendly, marketing material.
  • Orange is associated with our second root chakra, all about juicy creativity, when we keep this chakra in flow, it helps distribute energy to our whole body.
  • If you have presentations coming up, wearing orange creates FUN, ENTERTAINMENT and WARMTH, just an accent of orange can do the trick.
  • Some combinations that you might want to try are: O & medium blue= pop effect, O & red/yellow= fire hot. O & green= tropical effect. O & pink= 60s psychedelic look

Orange you glad to know this!

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Article reproduced with permission of Daniella Rubinovitz, Unleashing your heart, Daniella offers individuals to visually SEE messages from your SOUL, both through teleseminars and live courses.


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