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 Pretty fantastic huh! Summer! (or Winter!. . .when in southern hemisphere)

Summer PaintsAs I am writing, I am choosing and packing my art supplies that I will bring with me for my upcoming trip to Greece! Can’t bring them all, so making a choice here. . .

On that note, I am greatly looking forward to visiting my dear family and lounging around with my sketchbook! Read more about this in ‘Tip of the Month’ below to get insights on what kind of art supplies to bring on holidays!

Now, as I get ready, I’ve been thinking about how content I am with how this year has been shaping up. . .  As you know, I created lots of change since January. It was risky though felt much support from you all, that I knew it would be ok! Read below about new things on the horizon!

Last week, at the Atelier, we had our last painting retreat of the summer. We had 12 amazing participants, of which half flew in to town to join in. Can I just pause for a moment? I love this! This has given me such the feeling of being a tourist in my own city! We painted, connected, shared, discovered new techniques and of course enjoyed yummy meals.. . .

On Thursday morning, during the retreat, I squeezed in a Smart Session. The difference with these Smart Sessions is that we paint with a specific theme in mind. The idea here is to brainstorm on the topic in order to get to the essence and inspire change. We do this by taking a step back and reading the painting(s). I have fused art therapy with coaching here, and it works like a charm. The exact process is laid out in my book, Smart. Also pleased to share that since I started offering private 1:1 Smart Sessions they have really caught on. It is fullfilling for me to be able to witness multiple shifts and breakthroughs that have been happening. More about this below. . .including the first Smart Hands-On Workshop taking place in Vancouver, Canada!

Be sure to check out the tip of the month about what materials to bring with you on vacation. . .

Tip of the month!

Summer Baggage

Packing your art supplies for vacation. . .a couple of tips from the trade!
So where are you going on holidays ,
Your destination will play a big role in determining what to bring and what to definitely leave at home.
I generally have a basic pack of travel art stuff. This consists of: a sketchbook (Make sure that it isn’t almost done, they tend to get heavier when completed, and if you only have a couple of more pages left, you will be lugging it around with you), 3 different size brushes, pencil sharpener, eraser, water brush (is a brush and water dispenser), glue stick, pot or tube of acrylic gel medium.
The item that I time and time again love having, and is therefore in my basic kit is Acrylic Gel Medium. This stuff can be used for everything! From collaging, to making your own paints with pigments that you find locally, to thickening up your watercolours and blending in with your pastels. This is an easy way to bring clear thick paint. . .you add the color through pigment. . .pretty cool huh!
Then along with this basic pack, I think about the environment where I will be. Factors like temperature and degree of messiness that will be tolerated should be kept into account. Knowing this will determine choices between coloured pencils, water soluble crayons/ pencils, tubes of acrylic paint, pigment powder, pastels, watercolours or markers.
Coloured pencils are the easiest to bring in clean zones. Mind you, when you sharpen them, you will have to discard the shavings. Water colors offer more of a painterly feeling and color mixing. They are pretty easy to pack, require little clean up, and are perfect in hot weather conditions where your brush might dry quickly. Again, I love my paints and so the pot of medium gives me great satisfaction. . .think about adding sand or using local mud/ mineral colors.
Note: I often mention it during my retreats about making your own paints, from natural or synthetic ingredients.  . .using egg yolk. . .or quark. Do remember this while travelling, especially in remote villages, while you might not find acrylic paint, you can probably always find yolk and combine it with the natural colors of the earth from the village to make your own paints.
Finally, keep your suitcase volume in mind. It is one thing to carry mini acrylic tubes for sketchbook usage and another project all together, bringing litres of paint and canvasses for large scale pieces. . .So these tips are better suited to sketchbook inspirations. For painting retreats, I have a full recommended list that I will be happy to forward to you!
Then for the extras, you can think about bringing stamps, and templates that are fun to finish off sketchbook pages by adding text to your pieces. . .sketchbook pages make for fun mementos of your trip.

Now for a summary of what creative workshops and retreats. I have going on these months:

1) Smart 1:1 Sessions- Where Art and Coaching meet. Available as single sessions & packages of 5 or 9. Both online and in person. Note: be prepared to transform your life!

2) Intuitive Painting Monthly Night Group is starting in September As mentioned earlier, this notion is becoming popular The idea is that we will meet the third tuesday evening of every month (with a couple of exceptions). Early Bird Registration is now OPEN!: Sept 8, Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 15, Jan 19, Feb 16, March 22, April 19. . .These 8 sessions will be a package open solely to participants of this group and to a one time participation for newbies. http://www.ateliermolenpad.com/painting_workshops/

3) Smart Session One Day Event in Vancouver– 8th of NovemberEarly bird sign up is now open! This day will be all about painting and reading our painting in order to connect to what’s there. . .and gain insights. . . We will follow the S.M.A.R.T. process for brainstorming through art. We will spend a little extra time on the R (Read section). This is gonna be way fun.

4) Painting Week Retreats– Next dates TBD.mail me to specifically be the first to know, though I always post these dates here as well.

with an outburst of light this July,


PS. Missing you, and I look forward to connecting with you next!
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