July: Holiday Notebooks . . .

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Before you are off on your holidays, pack any form of notebook/ sketchbook! 

Yes, really do. I happen to like the simple lined notebooks that are definitely not designed for painting and such! What I like about them is the fact that they are light and flexible to carry around. I can write in them, paint, draw, collage and not worry about its preciousness.

See the fun tip below. See what happens when you mix oil crayons and watercolours. It’s like magic. . .inspirational and motivational! It’s also way fun, while travelling to use local art supplies, mud, pigments, local papers and such!

Enjoy this month!


Please give the tip of this month a go and do contact me when you are ready for guidance defining your next chapter! Believe!



My tip this month is to play with mixing different art materials.

  1. Grab your sketchbook and doodle with oil pastels.
  2. Now paint over these doodles with watercolour in a complementary color (blue / orange, yellow / purple, red / green)
  3. Pretty fun huh! Keep going!


1) Paleis Soestdijk Art Installation: Come to Paleis Soestdijk until December 20th. Don’t forget to #daniellarubinovitz & #lavieenrose your social media shots so I can see you in action. More info and pictures at: https://www.daniellarubinovitz.com/artist/throughrosecoloredglasses/  . . .and of course check out the party going on on my instagram page: #daniellarubinovitz.

2) SMART Week retreat: So excited to welcome the international group of 11 retreaters next week! The studio is all set up and we will be ready to go . . .Next year we will have the retreat more or less same week, so in case you like to plan in advance, here is the heads up! 9-13 July 2018. https://www.daniellarubinovitz.com/painting_workshops_retreats_offsites/intuitive-painting-retreats/


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