February: We Love Nonverbal Communication . . .

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Welcome to February!  

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, the topic of nonverbal communication springs up in my mind! Painting from the heart. . . is the perfect way to express. Instead of merely relying on the spoken word, we can feel into the colors, the lines, the surfaces, the light and the dark. We can move fast or ssssllllllllooooooowwwwwlllllyyyy over the page. We can choose to weigh down heavy on to the page, or as fairy dust, skim the surface. We can choose to remove paint, or splatter more on! Mmmmm, yes! We can scratch into the paint. . .or rub it further into the material. We can use a brush, pallet knife, rollers, and any other tool around . . .though my favourite would be to use my hands. . .this is the most direct contact for art expression. 

I am hoping that this this brief note makes your hands nice and thirsty, and inspire you to create. . .How about starting the spicy nonverbal expression with a handmade Valentine’s Day card! Really, you have lots of time to start now. . .at least, you have lots of time for your creation to be dry enough. . .to give. Might I inspire you to express your feelings in this nonverbal way. 

Start with a color(s)for the background. . .feel into the mood that you are feeling to express. Don’t worry about identifyable forms yet. . . however, if they come quickly. . .that’s fine too! After the overall mood feels well expressed, have a look at what else you might want to communicate. First have a look and see if there is already a hint of this inner expression on the page (yes, sometimes when we think too much of what we want, we might miss the gold of what is already there.)

Keep on going. . .and you may even choose in the end to use your creation as a stamp pad onto a new sheet of paper! Here is an image of a print from the painting in the video above. . . Sometimes the final expression is comes in the form of a print. . .

After you have woken up this form of nonverbal communication. . .come and join in at the studio for more! Join us in Amsterdam in July (10-14) for a week retreat! Nonverbal intuitive painting all week long!

Of course if you live in Amsterdam, There are two more monthly SMART Intuitive Painting Club dates.

Please give the tip of this month a go and do contact me if you would like some individual guidance into your next chapter!



Express your deepest feelings in your Valentine’s Day card this year!

  1. Find some material. . .paper, cardboard that will suit as the card.
  2. Feel the atmosphere of your expression and choose the colors that best match.
  3. Look at your creation, see what is being expressed.
  4. Add or take away paints, material etc. ..
  5. Stop when you feel that you have expressed to the max.
  6. What would be 3 words that your card brings up?
  7. See if you would like to integrate these words to your creation.


1)Keukenhof Art Installation: Come the the annual flower exhibit at Keukenhof during March 232-May 21st. I will have my 4 meter art installation on display. Pictures coming soon. . .I promise! The title is Through Rose Colored Glasses. . .

2) SMART Intuitive Painting Club: Next session February 21st. Book your spot now! This journey starts  7:00pm- 10:00pm Amsterdam time. (which is 1:00 pm EST and 10:00 am PST). Join us on this journey! We meet in person, on a Tuesday evening,  Current dates:  Feb 21 & March 21. All live sessions are open through a virtual portal (online) and they will be recorded so that you can view and participate at your convenience. . .so. . . you don’t miss anything! Newcomers to the studio may be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop for 60 euro (as long as space permits). The online part of the program and online private group is inclusive for those who join the 7 month club in person.

3) SMART Week retreat: Book your spot now for the week retreat happening on: July 10-14th Details: https://www.daniellarubinovitz.com/painting_workshops_retreats_offsites/intuitive-painting-retreats/

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