November Rainbows

13:31 03 November in On-Line Journal


This month I have been pondering about rainbows. Amidst the combination of rain that we have had in bucketloads over here in Amsterdam and the sunshine peering through, it’s been a time to witness these magical moments. No doubt about the quote: “Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.”

The colorful rainbow ark is like a present that we receive after the rain has passed. Makes me think of the mystique and symbolisms that are held within the rainbow. Though each culture has its own meaning, I love the metaphoric idea that it is like a path. . .a road that we can follow to our own symbolic pot of gold. It’s about our dreams coming true and being in that place of magical flow.

When I look at a rainbow, and recently we have had plenty to admire, it is the quality of the atmospheric colors that activates my heart, my soul and connection to this magical light. Like an opening of hope and energy. . .the feeling of pure love.

Rainbows are made up of 7 colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Not surprisingly that this build up matches the same color order as our bodies chakras and the standard color wheel that we would use for painting.

In writing this newsletter, I am reminded by how I used to often like to use the rainbow as a starting point to painting. I liked to, and will again use it as a first step activation of all the colors, especially if its been a while since creating with paints. . .colors. When we start with a rainbow, it’s also a good moment to get a baseline feeling of where we are in the present moment of time. Our needs and desire show themselves with such a painting. Think about intensities, proportion and placement of each of the colors depicted. Definitely give the tip of the month a go to experience this for yourself!

The celebration of all the colors in the rainbow puts me at awe, in the mode of gratefulness. Colors, rich as they are, have unique magical qualities and meaning that we can translate as metaphors in our life. What a perfect month to be celebrating this orchestra of colors. We already see this in nature through the foliage, pumpkins and rainbows.

It is no surprise that Thanksgiving lands right in the middle of this month. Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate exactly this. To celebrate what we are each immensely thankful for. Here we can take a conscious moment with friends and family and share those colourful items in our life.

Wishing you a magical November. . .


Do give the tip of this month a go. Feel free to contact me when you are ready to explore your next chapter together, regardless of location. With Skype, Whattsap Video and Factime at our fingertips locations know no boundaries as well!



My tip this month is to create your own rainbow. 

  1. This exercise can best be done with watercolours, pastels, or wax crayons!
  2. Go ahead and draw a rainbow on a sheet of paper, you choose the scale that is most convenient.
  3. Pay particular attention to how the colors transition from one to the next.
  4. Go ahead and hang up the painting in front of you so that you can simply observe it.
  5. What do you notice about the colors intensity, overlap, proportion.
  6. Take notes to yourself and play with metaphors of these observations with areas in your life. “Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.”

1) Paleis Soestdijk Art Installation: Come to Paleis Soestdijk. Don’t forget to #daniellarubinovitz & #lavieenrose your social media shots so I can see you in action. More info and pictures at:  . . .and of course check out the party going on on my instagram page: #daniellarubinovitz.

2) SMART Intuitive 7 Month Painting Club: We will resume on the 23rd of January, 2018 with mostly monthly in-person meetups at the studio.  This journey starts  6:30pm- 9:30pm Amsterdam time. We meet in person, on a Tuesday evening. Sign up now! Newcomers to the studio may be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop (as long as space permits).

3) POP Up Monthly Class for kids on a Sunday in two groups 1-3.5 years 10-11:00am and 3.5-6 years 11:30-12:30. This is something new, and will start up on a Sunday, 21 January! Full on self expression mode, with space to explore child friendly materials, fulfilling their imagination and create. Inquire more about this with me.

4) SMART week retreats in Amsterdam and Greece:  For those that like to plan in advance: In 2018 I have two new retreats. One in Amsterdam, one in Greece

The week retreat in Amsterdam will be on 9-13 July 2018.

The week retreat in Lesbos, Greece is on approximately 20-26 May 2018. There are direct flights available and I am waiting for their schedule. . .based on this, the dates may shift slightly.

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