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Let’s talk about inspiration this month! Where does it come from? How can we keep it streaming?

I like to think of two overal sources of inspiration: Internal and External.

Internal inspiration comes from out intuition, our core, our life force.  This can be a feeling, sensation. . .an emotion that rises up to the surface, that wants to express and just shows up in our work. We don’t put any thought into it, we just need to let it come out. At the studio, we often use this sense as a primary source of inspiration to steer our way into intuitive/ expressive painting. Here, we have no idea what the final result will show. There are no comparisons, and we leave aesthetic discussions to the side. It just is.

External inspiration, I believe comes from a stimulation from our senses. . .think about seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. How wonderful that we can use any one (or all) of these senses to get moving. We get to decide how figurative or abstract we want to play. Perhaps it’s just the color of a landscape that ignites our inspiration. Perhaps its the details of how particular lines in a landscape connect to each other. It’s exciting, time and time again to discover how we digest and translate external stimulation from the perspective of our inner worlds. You still with me?

When I listen to Stravinsky, for instance, I receive information. . .external stimulation, which stirs up all sorts of feelings, colors and movements inside. The colors that I choose, and the way that I choose to express them are personal and therefore this music is merely an inspiration. . .a doorway into ourselves. In this case, such as I witness in the retreats at the studio, when all participants paint based on the same piece being played, we can expect a variety of expressions. It becomes instantly clear, how unique we all are.

Now. . .this month of October, I am offering another form of external inspiration. It involves you!

Yep, that’s right! I’m starting a 30 day challenge. I am going to ask you about  colors/ topics and such to use each day. . .based on this, I am going to create an art piece. . .I will post this on Facebook (Daniella Rubinovitz). You are welcome to do the same challenge and post yours, or even participating in color or topic choice is also fine. Let’s get some interaction going on yes!

Ok. . .let’s start!

What colors should I use for my first painting?


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