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08:08 18 June in On-Line Journal

Noble PURPLE. . . inspiring truthfulness and spirituality !

Let’s continue our insightful color exploration with Purple this month!

What is it about the mysteriously seemingly color purple? Officially it is a hue that floats somewhere on the spectrum between blue and red, and so the uplifting and calming qualities of both are blended in! As this color is enveloped between violet and indigo, it is sometimes challenging to discribe an exact color of purple.

As a matter of fact, it can be surprising to name all the colors that pass as the color purple: eggplant, lavender, magenta, fuchsia, plum, orchid, indigo and so forth and so forth. I find it, quite an mysterious and creative color to explore, especially when I can think of my dear friends and family who go coco puffs around the color purple!

Let’s take a moment today to celebrate this seemingly moral color, to discover the feeling of peace within ourselves and see where we can allow this to communicate clearly to the world around us.

I was personally quite curious where purple got its name in the first place. It has its origins from Greek origin: porphura. This is the name of the dye that was made from a mucus secreted by a mullusc. This was quite an expensive dye to get in its time, and this contributed over the years to the psychological association of this color with the elite. Historically, only royalty and nobility were able to afford purple dye.

Each month in Creating Magic, we have been working our way up the chakras, starting with red at the base. Within the chakra system, the color Purple, that is close to Indigo, is associated with our sixth chakra. This specific chakra is often called the third eye, and is located between our eyebrows. It acts as a visual center for our vision and perception between our inner and outer world. This center can give us great insight into our future where as our two physical eyes, just below can see the images of the past and present. This center is full of intelligence and psychic power. What a great place for visualizations for manifestating what we want! When we can see clearly it is much easier to make decisions.

Working closely with colors offer us a chance to expression our emotions. On the topic of purple, there is a whole range of hues and tones that can move us in its own directions. Have you ever noticed however that the color purple can evoke completely opposite emotions of each other? Just to get a sense of these contrasts, how about morality vs. black magic, dignity vs. falsehood, respect vs. intolerance, compassion vs. non-relatedness.

Depending on the saturation and the closer that the color is to the sun, it portrays varying psychological effects. So looking closer at a particular color from a healing aspect, it’s handy to group these qualities in three categories: I like to speak of a color having a free power, a stimulating strength, and a compulsive force. This is where we can sense positive and negatives impression of a hue.

This in particular is my absolute fascination of colors, and how to be purposely moved by them! In my programs, I use the emotional power of color as a compositional shift between light and darkness within an environment. In our physical world, we have color all around us, and the dynamics between the colors and the blending of each particular color play relevant roles of color perception. Therefore when I diagnose an artwork, fashion, products and light it is both the individual color combined with the surrounding that gives us the complete impact.

For the purpose of getting to really know the particular facets of this unique color, lets dive into the color world of purple. Let’s pretend that we are in a room that is filled with this color and it radiates from floor to ceiling. While we are in this room, let’s discover the three categories of purple. A purple with inherent high intensity/ brilliance shine can give us a feeling of reaching inner clairvoyance. Here we get to a status of deep self knowledge because we can see things as they truly are. It is sobering; there is no twisting of our own inclination or need. We even have the inspiration to see things about ourselves clearly in this light. It is a sensation of having the essence of the ability to understand things.

When we work with a middle purple color, with a balanced brilliance, we can feel a certain sense of dignity. There is nothing above the truth for this wise tone. This is a serious color and it exudes a deep respect. We can soak in this color to receive support and feel compassion for our world. The underlying theme working here is morality. It is through morality that this purple can be considered quite fair as it serves from a place of weighted insight. There is no personal sympathy or antipathy at stake here. Self knowledge is vital to this color and therefore a strong sense of justice lingers in the air. It is no doubt why this often seemingly unearthly color carries with it such mystery.

When we use a low intensity/ brilliance far from the sun, this color gives the feeling of falsehood, fanaticism, fundamentalism and black magic. From this standpoint it is likely that others will be discriminated due to religious, cultural or political points of views. This color exudes the feeling that all others are stupid. This color carries a dense weight with a lack of air. The black magic aspect of this color can feel as if you are literally being sucked in to the darkness. Well clearly this is truly a different shade of purple all together that we may choose to move out of.

I also directly associate the color purple with the magical world of crystals. Amethyst, and some new age stones such as, Charoite and Sugilite have added emotional healing powe.

Purple on a whole is a color that we do see in nature, as flowers, berries like the blueberries in the juice that i’m drinking, and larger vegetables (cabbage and eggplant.). In the flower world we can think of narcissus, and lavender (more violet). It’s also nice to know that the color making fruits and vegetables indigo/ purple carry compounds such as phytonutrients that are particularly good for fighting diseases and conditions. For starters these colored fruit and veggies carry great forms of antioxidants.

So when I think of the color purple, I like to take the positive aspects and see how I can enhance my personal and business life. Please use the following as a take away to apply right now:

  • I always look for a fuschia/ purple item to delight my nieces! They go coco puffs for this color!
  • Purple is associated with our sixth chakra, all about true knowing, here we get insight beyond wisdom! Positive visualizations strengthen this chakra!
  • Blueberries especially, but also, plumbs and eggplants are a great source of antioxidents.
  • Try combining Purple with Yellow (complimentary color)/ olive green for a special interior look.

Go ahead and get inspired by listening to some music celebrating purple. Listening to the words will give even more insight into this color: Purple Toupee, (They might be Giants), Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley), Purple Rain (Prince), Purple Haze ( Jimi Hendrix), Purple Heather (Rod Stewart.)


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