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Rituals & Ceremonies

20:09 02 February in Uncategorized


Now that we are off to a great zooming start in the year, I have been thinking about cycles, patterns, rituals, ceremonies and traditions.

Have you ever stopped to think about the value of ceremonies both in your personal life, and at work? Ceremonies allow us to celebrate milestones, keep stories alive from generation to generation and create a legacy for our hearts and souls. Hereby we can stand still to special moments in time that we cherish and share with loved ones. Sometimes they help us cope beter with circumstances by giving it a place in our hearts. They also help us create a unique sense of purpose that is attatched to time.

While nature’s laws have changing seasons, I, am so grateful for rituals that each season brings. Now in winter I have been able to receive beautiful gifts of white snow sprinkles throughout the month (at least this has been the case over here in Amsterdam). At the same time, it is becoming clear that underneath the snow and frozen grounds, the first hint of buds are poping their heads way up above the ground and all over the tree limbs. And so the snow melts away into the energetic rituals of spring.

The aspect that I love the most about Ceremonies and Rituals, is that it brings me closer to nature’s law. In my experience, of spiritual and religious practices, I have enjoyed the symbolic interpretations of nature’s way. What an experience I find it to re-inact Spring for instance from a sensory aspect. Holiday get togethers call for communitiy experiences of creativity. How about creating by hand: painting, cooking, sculpting, writing. Or singing and dancing together with ceremonial tunes that we sing just during these times! This gets right to my core!

To me it is so similar to gift giving. Isn’t it a totally different feeling to get a gift all wrapped up with a bow! All of a sudden there exists the ceremony of opening the ribbons and packaging, creating an all round experience. A sense of wonder exists. The wonder of holding the present right in our hands, without knowing the content. It is after all the care and thoughtfullness that is appreciated the most!

After all, OUR WHOLE LIFE IS A RITUAL OF EXISTANCE, mmmm there’s a statement to ponder over! If that is the case, what new RITUALS do you care to add on in 2013?

In the atelier I have been looking to add a ritual to start and end our weekly painting sessions. Wouldn’t you know it, that this week a gorgeous Tibetan Cymbal found me, and begged me to be brought to the Atelier! Aaaah a new ritual has been born! Can’t wait to share it’s deep and clear tone with you!

with all the elements,

ps. If you would still like to visit my current exhibit at the LJG Synagogue in Amsterdam, the show is up until mid April.

pps. Helen and I have postponed our SOUL PURPOSE IMMERSION RETREAT, a 2 1/2 day retreat event in Dallas Texas to May! We decided to make it a LARGER event (you know everything in TEXAS is BIG! Ha Ha) Dates are now set for May 17th 18th 19th. Come on y’all!

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Article reproduced with permission of Daniella Rubinovitz, Atelier Molenpad,, Unleash A Vision Daniella offers individuals to visually SEE messages from your SOUL, both through teleseminars and live courses.


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