March: Through Rose Colored Glasses

21:02 02 March in On-Line Journal


Welcome to March!

Does this mean that we are done with winter and ready to start off the Spring (In the Northern Hemisphere that is)? It’s funny to contemplate this, especially as we have quite a strong hail storm today in Amsterdam!

Do we see the glass half full or half empty. . .might I suggest half full- seems to offer so many more possibilities in my book! Guess it’s a matter of choosing our perspective!

What if changing our perspectives was a matter of changing our glasses. Consider putting the concept of rose colored glasses to the test. What would we notice about the world now? What about this will expand our thoughts, feelings, senses. What new insight might motivate us to jumpstart that project sitting on the back burner? What might these rose colored glasses have to do in enhancing our creativity?

It is my opinion that Rose coloured glasses have much in common with  creativity. When we are creative, we get to create new worlds, new realities, point of views, standpoints, statements etc. We get to brainstorm new ideas, disrupt the status quo, let go of old ideas and get a new energy burst that will ignite a seedling of an idea into full bloom. Because our creative projects are often physical, and visual, we get to share them making dialogues with our colleagues way more fun and discussable.

Ohhhh ohhhh ohhh and by the way, as I mentioned last, my mini videos series about how art is like a window looking inward are in editing mode and soon to be released. In these videos, we will be looking at your painting as a window in, or out. . .not unlike the topic of rose colored glasses.  In order to not miss these videos, you can sign up below, and then the videos will be sent to your inbox as they come out! They are going to be insightful, short and practical.


We had a fantastic retreat last week! Again international as usual. . .with a mix of participants coming from Amsterdam as well as Cape Town and Moscow.  Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! July 11th-15th is the date for the next International Painting Retreat in Amsterdam! (I can tell you that this one is fills up FAST) Such a retreat offers the perfect space and time to dedicate to your own creativity. . .

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