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September is the perfect time to activate our 5 senses in order to make even the most mundane tasks exhilerating. Why is this? Simple, when we activate the core senses: Smelling, Taste, Seeing, Touch, Hearing we are in the moment truly feeling, truly being in our experience. I prefer to reconnect to these core senses, knowing that our 6th sense of extrasensory perception is available for us.

And it’s so simple! We get to experience and appreciate what comes in through our senses in such an abundant way. Our senses are like a super highway into our emotions, memories, feelings. They are meaningful.

On my way to the studio, I often stop and literally smell the roses along the side of the canal. I smell the sweet happiness, smooth love that they exude. This act of stopping and smelling brings me into the here and now. The fragrance of this rose is all that there is. As a rose offers nourishment to more of my senses, with my eyes I observe the pink to creme blend of colors. With my hands I can caress the pedals and feel the soft velvety texture. Experiencing the world physically through my senses, I have come to realise, is tough to match through printed or digital images on the screen.

Looking a bit further in, we can appreciate how the senses have helped us survive in the natural world. Each of the senses is governed by a physical organ, body part that is specialised in that sense. Wow, pretty amazing huh! Just to peek your own curiosity again and remember these body parts I have created a short summary.

We smell primarily with our nose. We can discern between fragrances, fruits, citrus, woody, chemical, sweet and minty basic smells. 

We taste primarily with our tongue, which can discern between sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

We see primarily through our eyes. Here we can discern light and dark, the essence of seeing, though we can break this down into lines, colors and shapes.

We touch primarily through our skin and mostly we reach out to touch something through our hands and fingers. Not only can our skin discern textures, we can also sense temperature, sharp, soft, rough and stickiness.

We listen primarily through our ears. Our ears allow us to discern details of sound, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, and dynamics.

So it’s quite amazing that we have these specialised body parts, organs to help us hone in on the senses. Such a rich awareness that is accessible to us. Sometimes I feel that it is easy to take this gift for granted. Yes, we use our senses often in a subconscious way. It keeps us safe, helps us make decisions that we are not even aware of.

So isn’t it nice to take a moment and consciously be present to these senses. They bring us home! I feel such an imense gratitude to be able to experience in this way. We can open up our hearts, as our chakras are activated literally one sense at a time. Here we can let go of thinking, primarily from our left hemisphere, of doing, of routines. Yes in this simple appreciation, we take a moment. . .or two. . .to reconnect.

Enjoy this month!


Please give the tip of this month a go. Please contact me when you are ready to explore your next chapter together, regardless of location. With Skype, Whattsap Video and Factime at our fingertips locations know no boundaries as well!



My tip this month is to activate your senses through this short meditation.

  1. Start your journey with a beverage in a cup. Water, tea, coffee, juice, soft drink will do. Take at least 5 minutes for this exercise.
  2. We will experience this beverage, one sense at a time. Takes notes of your observations. 
  3. Close your eyes and take in a couple of deep breaths in with your nose of your beverage. Next, continue with your eyes closed and taste the fluid, roll the fluid over different parts of your tongue. 
  4. Still with your eyes closed, reach into the cup with your fingers and touch the fluid. What do you notice about temperature and consistency?
  5. With your eyes open now, observe the beverage with your eyes and ears. What do you see and what sounds do you hear.
  6. Now close your eyes again and let this experience linger on for another moment. When you open your eyes again, choose 3 keywords to complete this experience for yourself and write them somewhere visible for yourself today.

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