February Smorgasbord

15:50 07 February in On-Line Journal


In Amsterdam, February has a track record of being a pretty cold month and this year is no exception. Of course, the weather here is still super mild when we go comparing . . . which is all the more reason to spend quality time indoors with your art supplies. . . .alone. . .or with company. As a matter of fact, go ahead and do a pre-spring cleaning of those wax crayons, pastel ends, bottom of paint tubes and squeeze/ scrape it out onto your painting. The journey is the destination, so go ahead and even use your painting as if it’s a pallet. Enjoy the smorgasbord like painting that has just gotten permission to be and have a feast!

I created this little video, which may serve a bit of inspiration into the world of. . .just do it. . .create! Spring is just around the corner, so use these days to sharpen your curiosity in materials, colors, shapes and all that jazz!

When you are in Amsterdam, do join in on the monthly workshops! These are a great way to block time amongst a busy schedule for yourself! Contact me for more info: www.daniellarubinovitz.com

x Daniella

Do give the tip of this month a go. Feel free to contact me when you are ready to explore your next chapter together, regardless of location. With Skype, Whattsap Video and Factime at our fingertips locations know no boundaries!



My tip this month is to create a smorgasbord painting . . .

  1. Grab some pastel bits, crayons, nail polish, highlighters, paints, spatchula, pencils, charcoal . . . 
  2. Set up your canvas or paper . . .
  3. Grab some material in both hands . . .
  4. Close your eyes and let your hands create movements on the canvas . . .
  5. Go ahead and open your eyes and play with what is there . . .
  6. Cover marks and enhance others . . .
  7. Keep going until you feel that the movement is done . . . take a step back and breathe it all in !


1) SMART Intuitive 7 Month Painting Club: We started in January, with monthly in-person meetups at the studio.  We meet in person, on a Tuesday evening 6:30pm- 9:30pm Amsterdam time (Feb 20th is next one).  Sign up now! Just send me a mail. Newcomers to the studio are able to attend one class as a one time single workshop (as long as space permits). https://www.daniellarubinovitz.com/painting_workshops_retreats_offsites/intuitive-painting-monthly-workshops/

2) Art Installation: La vie an rose will be in Keukenhof this season again!  And if you know of a great location for this installation, please reach out to me! More info and pictures at: https://www.daniellarubinovitz.com/artist/throughrosecoloredglasses/ 

3) SMART week retreats in Amsterdam:  For those that like to plan in advance: In 2018 I have new retreats. The week retreat in Amsterdam will be on 9-13 July 2018. https://www.daniellarubinovitz.com/painting_workshops_retreats_offsites/intuitive-painting-retreats/

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