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It’s Snow White outside! At least here in Amsterdam it is. Soooooo. . .knowing me well by now, you know how I love to feel into the metaphors. . .of everything. Snow white paint, priming your canvas, frosted blankets, creating a fresh new start, upgrade from the past…

What a great feeling it is to walk around town in this snow. I am moved by the quietness that it brings. Traffic slows down, leaving the crunchy and echoing sound of footsteps as I walk around. . . and as my furry hoodie wraps around my face, I become conscious of my own breath. Along with this rhythm, I hear the wind dusting all around with a fresh layer of white frozen powder. 

What fond, happy memories this brings. . . frolicking in the snow, sliding, throwing snowballs. Carving my name in the snow, building a snowman and lying down on my back creating angels. It’s all fun and games for me. The temperature plays little roll as the fun warms up my spirits. . . to the max!

Bringing this snow white back into the metaphor of painting reminds me of a magical technique called glazing. In this technique, we create a transparent layer of white paint over our painting in order to create the visual effect that it has been sent to the background. This happens because we are in fact reducing the contrast in the colors.  A busy painting suddenly feels calm, just as walking walking in the snow does for me. See the exercise in the tip of the month below to try this out for yourself. 

Another thought that I wanted to share is one of gifts that keep on giving, revealing and sharing. Yes, I am speaking of drawings and paintings. I am admiring the art hanging on my walls, both at home and in the studio. Over the years, these have been the most precious, personal gifts. In particular, I have a painting at home that my mother created in the 60’s. I am admiring the juicy colors, shapes, composition and thickness of paint.

This painting has such a strong feeling of presence and juicy alertness. Though my mother’s cognitive awareness has changed, she loves to continue to create through her passion of drawing and painting daily. It is wonderful to witness how her artistic passion flows ever passionately. How precious to have this painting. Art does indeed talk, share and inspire in a timeless fashion. The emotions that are conveyed in paintings can continually reveal itself over time. They don’t need words to express. 

December is also the month to offer gifts of gratitude and love to our dear family and friends. How about creating art as a gift to yourself, or to give. It’s such the perfect opportunity express and share your emotions that can be enjoyed for the years to come. Where to start? How about gifting your loved the inspiration to create with. . .think about art supplies. . .crayons. . .paints. . . an inspirational book! You can also think about enrolling yourself of a dear one into a workshop, a course, a retreat. You are a creative being and will discover the perfect way to express for you!

Whatever you decide, DO IT NOW! December is the perfect month to set up 2018 to be the creation of your dreams, desires, friendships and expression!

Wishing you a snow white December full of gifts . . .and all goodness for 2018!


Do give the tip of this month a go. Feel free to contact me when you are ready to explore your next chapter together, regardless of location. With Skype, Whattsap Video and Factime at our fingertips locations know no boundaries as well!



My tip this month is to glaze your canvas. Huh? What’s glazing a canvas? It means putting a thin layer of color (I use mostly white) over your whole or part of your painting in order to create uniformity, focus or adjust the overal brightness as part of its effect. This effect also creates a feeling of layers, as the painting gets sent to the background, (aerial perspective) leaving inspiration for something in the foreground.

  1. This exercise can best be done with acrylic paints. You can start with a white paint, say titanium, and dilute it with water say 60%.
  2. Now grab a dry, unfinished painting of yours. You know that one that you have been debating on whether you should toss it and have been keeping it to do something with. . .one day.
  3. Paint over the entire painting with this 60% glaze.
  4. After you have covered it with the white have a look and see what is happening. Continue with your painting as new inspirations streams in. 
  5. In the case that there is a particular area in the painting that you would like to create focus to, wipe the glazing away in that area to allow the contrast to shine and draw attention. 
  6. Continue to play with glazing and wiping away, and also try to work with varying gradations of the glaze, like 40%, 20% and so forth. 

1) Art Installation: Stay tuned for the next installation location! And if you know of a great location for this installation, please reach out to me! More info and pictures at: .

2) SMART Intuitive 7 Month Painting Club: Classes resume on the 23rd of January, 2018 with monthly in-person meetups at the studio.  We meet in person, on a Tuesday evening 6:30pm- 9:30pm Amsterdam time.  Sign up now! Just send me a mail. Newcomers to the studio may be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop (as long as space permits).

3) POP Up Monthly Class for kids on a Sunday in two groups 1-3.5 years 10-11:00am and 3.5-6 years 11:30-12:30. This is something new, and will start up on a Sunday, 21 January! Full on self expression mode, with space to explore child friendly materials, fulfilling their imagination and create. Inquire by mail.

4) SMART week retreats in Amsterdam and Greece:  For those that like to plan in advance: In 2018 I have two new retreats. One in Amsterdam, one in Greece

The week retreat in Amsterdam will be on 9-13 July 2018.

The week retreat in Lesbos, Greece is on approximately 20-26 May 2018. There are direct flights available and I am waiting for their schedule. . .based on this, the dates may shift slightly.

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