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Spring in the air indeed

15:39 04 March in Uncategorized
Feeling the Spring in the air indeed!

Feels like I gave birth with receiving the first proof copy of my book SMART: How creativity empowers you business. If you want to reflect and gain insight into any business topic, start with art.
I had the pleasure of presenting my book during two workshops on friday at a symposium that took place at Avans Entrepreneurial Center in Breda. The topic of the symposium was New Leadership. In the workshop, we did two mini-hands on painting exercises. After we translated this information into commitments and action items! We had lots of business topic breakthroughs in the room. I received follow up mails from participants which gives me such a smile on my face!
Launch party details TBD. . .For pre-orders details simply reply to this mail. . .In the meantime, painting courses are in their final 2 months before summer break. Summer week retreats are open for registration. Just like last year, I get excited to receive emails from participants all over the world, who will join in!, speak later!
PS. In the tip of this month, discover how ice skating with friends is much more than simply. . .ice skating with friends!

Tip of the month:

Yes, that is the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam that has been built for the 1928 Summer Olympics. Since that time, it has become a landmark used fairly much in all sorts of sports activities. In the whole month of february, the stadium was flooded to allow for public ice skating and hosted the winter skating marathons for the pros. . .

. . .and you might be asking. . .what about the panda? (If you don’t see the image, change your settings to show image, the images are always the best part!)

Yes that is indeed me in the Panda bear hood with my dear friends Erik and Valerie. We let off some steam on our speed skates.

What I love about this picture, besides the fact that we had a blast, I see it as a snapshot fusing two passionate art areas.

You see Erik has been actively participating in the year courses for intuitive/ expressive painting at Atelier Molenpad for 5 years. I have gotten to know Valerie more recently during my co-active coach training.

What a peanut butter and jelly sandwich fusing these two disciplines together, yum!

And I call this sandwich as you may have guessed: ARTworks!

This makes me curious, as to what two passions of yours you can fuse together into a unique, yummy sandwich?

Go ahead, play around with this!

For example, Erik is a Manual Therapist and an Artist. Can’t wait to hear about how these two fuse together!  I am excited for hearing everyones breakthroughs! Yippee!

ps. Do let me know what you have discovered!

pps. So what about the panda? Well the panda is one of many totem accessories of mine that I bring to Burning Man. A place where everything is possible. It symbolises gentleness and strength.

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