March: Sprouts

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Welcome to March!  

I love the feeling when the longer daylight hours become noticeable! (at least in the northern hemisphere) Yeah!  This extends our possibilities of viewing blue skies (weather depending of course!). It’s also the time to observe the budding sprouts make their debut!  Comforting to see the buds swell and open up to new creations, leaves, flowers, plants, trees!

To me, this season offers and thus feels like new beginnings! Honestly, every month, offers a new beginning . . . actually every day does! Right! I love this thought, and I remind myself of this all the time in order to choose fresh each time! 

This is a continual process that goes hand in hand with choosing and letting go of projects wisely. Lately, I have been using the good ‘ol 80% / 20% rule. There are countless variations of this rule. I like the idea to to spend 80% of my time on tasks and projects that steer my projects/ my life in the direction that I want. . .and in my highest and best. . . versus spending 80% on projects and tasks that only contribute 20% . . .which by the way can lead to major frustration and burnout! Such a simple, obvious thought right?! So easy to forget!

Well for the rest, I like to leave it up to some more non-verbal painterly sketching to allow our creativity to stream and communicate. Which reminds me, how did your Valentine’s day cards work out last month? Mine was super fun and very well received! Of course, creating with our hands, comes right from the heart! Yes! Our hands express directly from our heart!

Speaking of focus: As I mentioned last month, I have been working on my mega art installation entitled: La Vie En Rose (Formerly know as: Through Rose Colored Glasses). It will be installed at Keukenhof on March 16th! I am quite excited to be in the park pre-opening. . .and see the back end happenings pre-opening! In case you havent been, Keukenhof is the gorgeous, popular, flower spring park in The Netherlands. Keukenhof is open from March 23 until May 21st. So in case you are planing on coming over, keep these dates in mind! Their site is also super informative, with special events noted.

The concept of La Vie En Rose is a tribute to perspectives. Our experience shifts when we look out through rose colored glasses. It’s about being in that state of bliss where the world around us appears cheerful to us. It’s that place were joy is continually being created! Its about seeing the positive side of things.

This is a good moment to ponder how you see things around you?  A frame allows us to inspect the world that is being presented.

Another aspect of eyeglasses is one of focus, things inside the frame are sharp, while things outside of the frame’s vision get blurred. The invitation in this installation is to witness these perspectives and feel its effect on our psyche.

“La Vie En Rose. It is the French way of saying, ‘I am looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.”
― Audrey Hepburn

If you would like to get inspired and brush up your art concepts, pick up new and old techniques and reconnect to the joy of nonverbal communication. . .come and join in at the studio for more! Join us in Amsterdam in July (10-14) for a week retreat! Nonverbal intuitive painting all week long!

Of course if you live in Amsterdam, There is one more monthly SMART Intuitive Painting Club date.

Please give the tip of this month a go and do contact me if you would like some individual guidance into your next chapter!



My tip this month is to go visit my art installation at Keukenhof.

  1. Sit in the middel of the glasses and look out at the surrounding.
  2. Observe what you notice.
  3. If you have the resources, listen to La Vie en Rose (originally sung by Edith Piaf, or choose one of the many tributes by other artists) . . . 
  4. Notice your thoughts, feelings as you look around.
  5. Take note and see how you might be able to apply newly discovered findings in your life. . .Need any further tips here. . .contact me!

1)Keukenhof Art Installation: Come the the annual flower exhibit at Keukenhof during March 232-May 21st. I will have my 4 meter art installation on display. Pictures coming soon. . .I promise! The title is Through Rose Colored Glasses. . .

2) SMART Intuitive Painting Club: Next session March 21st. Book your spot now! This journey starts  7:00pm- 10:00pm Amsterdam time. (which is 1:00 pm EST and 10:00 am PST).  Last date this season is:  March 21. All live sessions are open through a virtual portal (online) and they will be recorded so that you can view and participate at your convenience. . .so. . . you don’t miss anything! Newcomers to the studio may be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop for 60 euro (as long as space permits). The online part of the program and online private group is inclusive for those who join the 7 month club in person.3) SMART Week retreat: Book your spot now for the week retreat happening on: July 10-14th Details:

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