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Start the year as a rainbow

15:43 01 January in Uncategorized

Here’s a rainbow in your honor. . .

Lot’s of love for this 2014!

This rainbow is such an insiration to me. It reminds me of gratitude. Especially for the small stuff. Had I not looked up, I might have missed it, I might have not believe it was there. Just taking a moment out of the day to smell the roses, admire the sky, count my blessings etc. . .I think you get it, I know you do this. . . Lovely to have an image to show for it!

We have had mild weather here in Amsterdam, as I sit to write this note, I am enjoying the sun beaming in! I have of course been watching the news at the record breaking temperatures in other parts of the world. . .hope you are all staying warm this season!

We have lots of inspiring things happening at the studio this year. From the hearbeat of the weekly courses, to the evening artjams and week retreats happening this summer. Out of the studio some exciting projects are now brewing up. . .I will participate with 2 art for new leadership workshops at a symposium in Breda happeing in March. More details as we get closer.

Indeed, my wish to have art incorporate into businesses is taking offf this year. I am quite proud of this! I am also at the tail end of my book, of which I plan to have the first copy off the press at this symposium. Nothing like a deadline to move things forward. . .reminds me of my corporate days. . .

Look forward to seeing you at Atelier Molenpad and UnleashAVision soon!

with all the elements,


ps. The tip of this month is about energy. . .and burnout. . .read on. . .

My tip this month is around energy. Or rather said. . .avoid burnout. . .nurture your energy. . !

Every living form on this planet exists because of energy. We have activities in our day to day environment that create energy for us, and other activities that take energy from us. Think about how the following activities work on your energy level: meetings, presenting, thinking, calculating, and negotiating. What about eating, exercise, brainstorming, doodling, walking in nature, zoning out. A great measurement that can be used to see how the activity is serving you, if to ask yourself the following: Am I looking forward to this activity, or do I feel immensely tired even thinking about doing this activity. However, do be aware when answering this question, if it isn’t resistance lurking there as well, as Stephen Pressfield mentions. Sometimes it is easier to check accurately after the activity. How do you feel now? Energized? Or deflated. Clear to say that if you feel deflated, these show energy blocks.

In this fast paced world it is a fact that we can be active on-line 24 hours a day. We can now work from the most remote locations, with team members located all over the world. It is us, and not technology that limits the amount of work that we can do and for how long. For many managers, when they get home the work continues through emails and phone calls. I too am guilty here. . .and remind myself. This used to be the opposite. It used to be that when a business day was over, that was it, we would have to wait for the next day.

Energy management has to be considered if we want to function at our optimal level. There are lots of factors in our workday that can deplete this energy from our system if we let it. Consider stress, and its effects on every level of our being. Consider the difference between incidental stress (fight of flight) vs chronicle stress (60 hour workweek). Stress drains our energy. On the other hand, when we build up a continuous reserve of energy, we are able to take on much more with less effort.

Consider burnout. This is a fairly common word among managers. It simply means that the energy that is coming in is less than the energy being used. It is a fairly straightforward principle. As straightforward as it is, many of us only take the time to smell the roses, so to say, when they are forced to. I have seen managers find themselves stuck so deeply that they simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. When this realization sinks in things can get pretty dark in that tunnel. Therefore maintaining our vitalization is of key importance.

We need to be gatekeepers of our energy, now more than ever. The statistics of burnout are increasing. This is relevant both as an individual and as a business. Our task is to keep our energy stream flowing, no matter what ranking we are in business. Our products must keep a renewed spirit, you need to keep in contact with what you are offering your customers. Customers can directly feel if the energy of a company has shifted. They feel that through the service that they receive. For instance that extra bit of energy that finishes up a conversation, that extra bit of follow through, that extra alertness during the summarization of a meeting or brainstorming session. This all leads to sales conversions, clear goals and focused decision-making.

I love how Seth Godin speaks about that the only thing that we want to talk about are the things that are interesting, like art. It is new, it will touch us, it is valuable. And then many spend all of their money, all of their time teaching people not to work on your own creativity. . .mmm.

Creating any type of art is a great way to build up and store energy. This energy is created within us on a physical and psychological level.

What do you feel in your energy level after a free afternoon playing around with colors?

What about this is important to you?

What’s next now that you started?

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