Video Series Art For Managers

Video 1: Get Organized

In today’s episode, I will focus on a painting style that I will call ORGANIZED. Here we will observe straight lines, border, cool colors, and lots of geometric forms. Go ahead and discover this style for yourself. Ask yourself what do you experience about this style? Discover how an organized, precise and formal management style might thrive with this painting style. Note: Most probably your own style is a mix of a couple of styles.

Bonus: Experience this style on your own. Go ahead and create your own drawing/ painting in the organized style. What do you notice? Is it easy, or do you feel resistance? Why? Just observe this for now. How might this resistance play at work?

Curious about using art to give your team a new perspective? I love having these conversations and setting up unique team off-sites in the studio. Check out my book SMART: How Art Inspires Action in Business.

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