Video Series Art For Managers

As you become familiar with a peek into these four styles, go ahead and take notice of your doodles and sketches. I will/have sent you emails per video so that you can play a bit more with each style. I hope that you take me up on the bonuses in the final mail to experience each style for yourself.


Here is the bonus exercise again:


Bonus: Experience this style on your own. Go ahead and create your own drawing/ painting in each of the styles. What do you notice? Is it easy, or do you feel resistance? Why? Just observe this for now. How might this resistance play at work?


Then go ahead and make a totally free painting. Let go of any particular style.


Now observe on a scale of 1 through 10, what percentage does your art relate with each of the four styles? (Organized, Flow, Impulsive, Independent.)

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