Welcoming August . . .

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Yes, it’s true, August is so here! This is a great time to check-in to what you had hoped to accomplish this Summer (or Winter depending on your location). Feeling like summer has zoomed by? Still a couple of weeks to get going on to these items. I know that you can do it!

3 simple tips below:

  1. Be easy on yourself and move forward. . .leave the past in the past. . .
  2. Re-evaluate your “Summer to-do list”. . .some things may have shifted. What was once so important, may have shifted. Look at the here and now, what is most relevant to you. Maybe you didn’t do something on the list because you weren’t really feeeling it.
  3. Plan it all in, and ignore that voice with excuses! Maybe you didn’t do something yet because a little voice said that you can’t. . .(yeah you know what I mean) Examine this voice, who is speaking here, and how long are you gonna keep listening to this voice. Bust right through, it’s an illusion! Now. . .what do you really want, Why do you really want it and what will it bring you? Now go and do it!


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