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08:08 18 July in On-Line Journal

“The first of all single colors is white … We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

Clear, reflective white. . . pure and innocence like a pure white dove and connected to our upper world of spiritual divinity.

Officially white is not considered a color, rather it can be seen as the absence of color or pigment. Having said that, white is the total absence of darkness as well! Where color stops, pure white light continues.

I personally find white interesting, because depending on our own cultural background, we may have differnent feelings assiciated with white. As white reflects colors, it can uplift the adjacent color and bring out a freshness in it. Needless to say, the fact that white reflects colors, it also reflects back heat, which helps us to stay nice and cool in these summer months. Of course that depends on where you are living, and if you need to stay cool! In any case, wearing a white t-shirt or a summer dress definitely gives me that fresh, light summer feeling!

I was curious where the word white got its name in the first place. This word has origins going way back from common Germanic and get its meaning from “light”, “to shine” and “pure”. The meaning hasn’t changed much today, although Culturally, in day to day word usage, it has been woven in to create distinct meaning such as giving an uplifting feeling to mourning, from unborn to death and from saintly pure to sterile.

Following our monthly theme at Creating Magic, we have been discovering our way up our chakra system, starting with red. Within the chakra system, our seventh chakra is strongly associated with White and the color Violet. This seventh chakra is know as our crown chakra, because of its location at the crown of our head. This region acts as a channel of cosmic divine energy that flows down into the rest of our body. When this channel is open we can be fully in the moment and have a relationship with the infinite universe. This is so fitting for white as the ultimate reflection of light.This uplifting effect of white brings us closer to this connection to something that is much bigger than ourselves, connection to our own spirituality.

Being presented a white canvas or sheet of paper can be intimidating, there are so many choices, a world full of possibilities opens up! Just that first mark gets things going! Its interesting to note that white has more shades available than any other color. Because it is a color high up in the sky, and sun it inertly carries the ultimate free power of light. White is used in painting to make other colors lighter. All colors can be blended with white to create a feeling of thinness and lightness, bringing the frequency up of that particular color. Also by placing white next to other colors, the other color gets reflected into the white to bring out the ultimate of each color.There is also a feeling of excarnation that comes about with white. This white light has levitating qualities that fade off and blending in with the angels in the sky. In painting when we want to create space in a landscape, we can do so by adding white above the horizon.

For the purpose of getting to really know the particular facets of white, lets dive into the world of white. Let’s pretend that we are in a white room and it radiates from floor to ceiling. While we are in this room, let’s discover the aspects that we may notice. White has a high intensity and brilliant shine, like a light source, and can give us a feeling of cleanliness. In an all white room, we would feel freshness, coolness, clarity, cleanliness, and generally lightened of our mind clutter. Without another color in the space, we can get a sense of unending space and emptiness.

Colors carry with it emotions, while white is neutral from emotion. Therefore this room would feel quite neutral as opposed to feeding out feelings and emotions. We can think of how doctors wear white coats to also show cleanliness.

Many of us have probably heard of the expression, “white lie” being a harmless lie usually out of politeness. The term white is used because of its inherent innocence resonating from a place of goodness rather than hurt . Similarly the term “white flag” has historically been the signal of a peaceful intentions or as the symbol for surrender.

Culturally, wedding dresses in the western world and Japan are white. While white is a color for mourning in china, parts of Africa and among medieval European queens. In India white is generally worn by holy men and women. White, as a cool and reflective substance, is also used in china as a symbol for metal.

So when I think of the white, I like to take the inherent aspects and see how I can enhance my personal and business life both by adding and subtracting white from my life. Please use the following as a take away to apply right now:

  • White will aid our mental clarity, while encouraging us to clear mind clutter.
  • White enables fresh beginnings, we can think of a white canvas, ready to take on the world of color.
  • Wear white at night to be easily seen!
  • In hot climates, wearing white can keep us cool, because it reflects heat.
  • Add white to an outfit to create an uplifting fresh clean feeling.
  • Remember that white gets translucent when wet, always good to keep in mind on the wet days of summer.
  • White, along with violet is associated with our seventh chakra, all about connecting with our divine source.
  • And as the age-old saying goes, avoid ingesting the three white powders: white refined sugar, white flour and white drugs.

Go ahead and get inspired by listening to some music celebrating white. Listening to the words will give even more insight into this color: Nights in White Satin, (Moody Blues), White Wedding (Billy Idol), White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane), White Riot (The Clash), Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum).


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