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08:08 01 March in On-Line Journal

How do bananas and lemons radiate sunshine, yet taste so differently?

While both fruit have a yellow skin, one gives us the tendency to experience a tootie fruity, round pallet, smile of an experience while with the other we make a direct sour face including the squinting of our eyes. Go ahead and try this for yourself!

We have landed on the exploration of the primary color Yellow this month! By just reading about this sunny color, I welcome you to celebrate this intense energy and cheerful symbolic representation of the sun as it reaches its highest, warmest point!

I personally find that this is a great season where we can use this hopeful thought! Having said, it is easy to understand why yellow is a color that is often used to represent hope. Just think about  wearing a yellow ribbon!

Within the chakra system, Yellow is associated with our third chakra, the solar plexus. This third chakra works on our identity, and self esteem. When this chakra is balanced, it exudes an expansive nature that encourages us to be all that we can be. Along with the second chakra, the third chakra, fosters personal creativity, through curiosity and adjusting to changes!

Since colors are an expression of our emotion, specifically there is a wh ole range of yellows that move us. Yellow belongs to the stimulating, warm color group. The light energy that emits from this color radiates straight out wisdom and a quest for knowledge.

Have you ever noticed that the color yellow can evoke completely opposite emotions of each other. As we just saw with the banana and lemon: Sweet vs. sour/bitter. How about cheerfulness vs. sarcasm, happiness vs. cowardice, joy vs. deceit.  Depending on the saturation and the closer that the color is to the sun, it portrays varying psychological effects.

So looking closer at a particular color from a healing aspect, it’s handy to group these qualities in three categories: I like to speak of a color having a free power, a stimulating strength, and a compulsive force. This is where we can sense positive and negatives impression of a hue.

This in particular is my absolute fascination of colors, and how to be purposely moved by them! In my programs, I use the emotional meaning of color as a shift according to light, dark and composition within an environment. In our physical world, we have color all around us, and dynamics between the colors play relevant roles of color perception. Therefore when I diagnose an artwork, fashion, products and light it is both the individual color combined with the surrounding that gives the complete impact.

Let’s look at the three categori es of yellow. A yellow with inherent high intensity/ brilliance portrays a sense of innovation and inspiration. It’s similar to that gaze that we get when we see something for the very first time. Here I am speaking of a healing color that is able to cheer our spirit up, which in turn brings us in motion again. This radiant color clears our mind and allows us to think outside of the box to let our creative genius out.

When we use a middle yellow color, with a balanced brilliance, we are speaking of bringing in light, clarity and joy. The feeling that exudes here is one of excitement and making the best of any situation. It exudes a feeling of hope and making someone feel welcome. Other words that describe this color are: humorous, original, lively and young. Using yellow can also show a healthy, summery feeling especially through its citrus fruitiness. It’s interesting to note the almost chameleonic aspect that yellow carries. By this, I mean to say that it easily loses its own radiant color when mixed with another color. Yellow is generally a color that adapts easily and is therefore a great companion to other colors. It is also a great color that can be used for binding and connecting colors together. When you paint, you might notice that yellow (along with white) is a color that is used up quickly. This is especially so, because of this binding quality and is used to make all sorts of variations within the green and orange spectrum.

When we use a low intensity/ brilliance far from the sun yellow, this color gives the feeling of a compulsive force, here we get an acidity bitter quality. We can feel a sense of indifference and uprooting. In this color we are for instance not inclined to stand up for any moral cause. We lose our center, and in turn feeling like we are disappearing. This can give us an expression of pure bitterness. This is similar to the feeling of being wound around someone’s finger so to say. Also the addictive and frustration qualities of consumption can be recognized in this shade. This disconnection from the sun leaves this quality deep in the shade. Generally, non positive qualities are often associated within this range when used on its own.

Having said that, we generally refer to the color yellow, as the free and balanced yellow. Yellow is just about the most visible color because of the light that it reflects within this bright color. It’s interesting to note that people who are blind to other colors can often still make out yellow. As such a bright color, surrounding ourselves in a bright yellow environment can cause excessive stimulation in our eyes. This can make us tired and irritated. So it’s important to choose a toned down yellow, if you are going to surround your wall with yellow. The high visible aspect can be used to advantage to gain attention such a s with warning signs in contrast with black text. Yellow does us also much good and is used for healing! In color therapy, it supports a high degree of metabolism in our body. Not only that, but it strengthens the nervous system and works wonders on heavy and depressing feelings. A person’s facial expression dramatically shifts with exposure to the yellow light. In children the desire to learn and work on comprehension is stimulated with the color yellow! Since ancient times, yellow light was thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.

When we think of other using the word yellow in conversation we can think of wearing a yellow ribbon, which gives hope and remembrance. When we refer to someone having a yellow streak, we are speaking of coward qualities. And when we refer to yellow journalism, we are speaking about someone who is undertaking some irresponsible reporting.

So when I think of the color yellow, I like to take the positive aspects and see how I can enhance my personal and business life. Please use the following as a take away to apply right now:

  • Use yellow when you want clarity for decision making, ever use a yellow highlighter?
  • Yellow is a great color to use during the dull weather months, as it’s a color that lifts our soul.
  • Wearing yellow will emit a cheery uplifting effect. It will also help clear your mind, sharpen memory and decision making.
  • Use the fact that yellow is the first color that the human eye notices for accents within your marketing material.
  • Yellow is associated with our third chakra, all about our self-esteem.
  • Since yellow exudes creative and intellectual energy, using yellow notepads for brief writing spurts. (Some feel over stimulated with longer writing on these yellow notepads.)
  • Go ahead and get inspired by listening to some music celebrating yellow: Yellow Submarine (The Beatles), Mellow Yellow (Donovan), Yellow (Coldplay).
  • As we are marketing globally, we need to keep in mind that the color yellow carries different culteral symbols; Western- yellow is hope, hazard, coward, China-yellow is nourishing, Egypt- yellow is color of mourning, Japan- yellow is color of courage, India- yellow is color of merchants.

Go ahead and get your hands full of yellow paint, and remember to fill up your yellow paint bottles!

Here’s to you creating your life!


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